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2017 Aberdeen School District Athletic Survey

Below is the link to the 2017 OSPI Office of Equity and Civil Rights Student Athletic Survey.  This survey is used to determine student participation in our current sports programs and plan for any future addition or modification of the district's sports programs.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  The survey will remain open until Friday, May 12, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.
Miller Junior High offers several different sports beginning in August and ending in May. We encourage every student to turn out for a sport while at Miller. It is a great place to make friends, stay or get in shape and connect with coaches who love sports. Playing a sport keeps you busy and most people believe that playing a sport keeps you focused and successful with your class work. So get out and play. 
Current Sports
Track and Field begins April 17.
Information meeting will be held April 12th 6:00 PM at Miller if you have questions or need more information.
All paperwork must be current to participate in athletics at Miller
Remember that only a new blue card is required if you have already played a sport this year. 
The handout from the meeting is available HERE
REMINDER: Transportation is available for athletes departing at 4:30 (Monday-Thursday)
email Mr. Johannes (After School Program Coordinator) for more information about times and stops.
Upcoming Sports at Miller  
No more sports this year at Miller are upcoming
Watch this page for information about summer sport activities for incoming 9th graders and information about sports at Miller Junior High beginning for the Fall of 2017. Football, Cross Country and Girl's Soccer are our first sports that begin in August.


This is our second year participating in the Tri-County League. This means more schools to compete against and a change to a Varsity/Junior Varsity format. Higher skilled more experienced players will be placed on one team while the lesser skilled, lesser experienced players will be placed on another. The change allows for players to target those skills they should be working on and keeps the competition more equally distributed while allowing for more playing time at both levels. We are evaluating our participation in this league and would appreciate any feedback you might have. Send feedback to Mr. Lewis  or find me at an event and let me how it is going.


PAPERWORK for all sports
 (once per school year)
Sports Physical Form (once every 24 months) Doctor may provide form
Concussion Information (once per school year)
Medical Consent Form (Blue Card) (Every season)
 All Sports are available for both 7th and 8th grade students

Fall sports for Girls:  Cross Country / Soccer / Football

Fall Sports for Boys: Cross Country / Football 

Early Winter Sports for Girls:  Basketball / Wrestling

Early Winter Sports for Boys: Wrestling

Winter Sports for Boys: Basketball

Late Winter Sports for Girls: Volleyball

Spring Sports for Girls: Track & Field

Spring Sports for Boys: Track & Field





Cross Country - Mr. Reed-Head Coach

Boys and Girls 7th and 8th

This sport allows athletes the chance to run cross country or trail style courses of various lengths, typically 1-3 miles, under the supervision of a coach. Proper technique and race strategies are taught. The program recently has become more integrated with the high school cross country program in hopes of encouraging junior high participants to continue with the sport throughout high school. Cross country running is an excellent way to stay in shape, challenge your own fitness levels and compete competitively. Cross country running is also a great lifelong sport.


Soccer- Ms. Gentry, Varsity Coach - Ms.Tingwall, JV Coach

Girls 7th and 8th

The players are evenly mixed on two teams. Soccer is very popular and typically attracts 40-50 girls. One of the challenges for our soccer program is the lack of Grays Harbor teams. Our teams must travel to Lewis country for many of our matches. Our soccer program stresses the fundamentals of the game, the rules of WIAA soccer and playing with a full team. We regularly survey our students to ensure we are offering the most popular sports. Adding a boys soccer program is something that has been discussed. In order to add a sport we must get commitments from several area schools to support competition and provide equal opportunities for both male and female athletes.


Football -  (Open Position) 8th Grade Head Coach, Mr. Douglass, Assistant Coach

             (Open Position) 7th Grade Head Coach, Mr. Williams, Assistant Coach

Boys and Girls 7th and 8th

Middle school is a wonderful time to explore football for both boys and girls. In the seventh grade there are important regulations that prevent injury and support equal play.Those restrictions are lifted in the eighth grade as we further prepare athletes for high school play. Our football program is supported with equipment from the high school, the district, and our own ASB funds. All of our helmets are up to date, and we continue to update our pads and other equipment. Each athlete is properly fitted to his or her gear, and regular checks are made to ensure proper fit. Our coaches teach safe technique and they have been training in the latest procedures for handling injuries with special emphasis on head trauma and concussion. Football is a fun, rough sport that requires intense training and complete commitments by athletes.




 Basketball (Boys and Girls) - Mr. Fleming, Mr. McDaniel (Varsity), Mr. Berene, Mr. Kinread, Mrs. Harless, (Junior Varsity)

Boys and Girls 7th and 8th

Basketball for girls occurs as an early winter sport before the winter holiday. The boy’s season begins just after the winter holiday. Basketball is a high-energy sport officiated by WIAA Washington Officials Association staff. Our coaches emphasize basic skills and cooperation while having fun in a positive team environment. Our teams typically range from 10 to 18 members and play a schedule that includes teams from Lewis and Grays Harbor counties. Basketball requires a large amount of running and physical fitness. We encourage our athletes to come “ready” for basketball by running and working out before the season begins. This is a great strategy for every sport’s season. Research shows that students who physically fit also perform better in the classroom.They have more energy and greater stamina to face a tough day in classroom.



Wrestling- Head Coach: Mr. Schreiber, Assistant Coach: Mr. Reed

Boys and Girls 7th and 8th

Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports at Miller Junior High. It requires speed,skills, strength, anticipation and determination. All sports require a certain level of this while wrestling adds the individualized element that puts the focus on each athlete and his or her abilities. Wrestling is one the oldest forms of combat and its techniques have been incorporated into martial arts as well as military style hand-to-hand combat. Our coaches emphasize both safety and technique while maintaining a fun physically demanding team oriented sport.


Volleyball- Varsity Coaches: Mrs. Harless, Ms. Martin

              JV Coaches:  Ms. Deugan-Leverett, Ms. Gentry

Girls 7th and 8th

Volleyball is offered to our girls in the late winter. Our coaches work closely with the high school to provide an excellent foundation if our girls choose to continue to play in high school. Volleyball is a great all round fitness sport. All girls are encouraged to play. The school will provide the necessary pads and athletes need only provide a good pair of gym shoes. No other special equipment is necessary.



Track and Field- Head Coach - Ms. Gentry, Assistant, Mr. Daly

Boys and Girls 7th and 8th

We conclude our sports offerings at Miller each year with the outdoor spring sport of track and field. Athletes are physically trained and begin specializing in the various events. There are opportunities from sprints to hurtles to throwing events and relays. Traditionally a very popular sport with both boys and girls, Track gives our students the chance to get outside after a long winter, be among friends and compete in a fun team oriented environment.

Miller Junior High and the Aberdeen School District do not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  The following employee(s) has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Jim Sawin, 216 N “G” Street, Aberdeen, WA  98520 -- P 360.538.2000.



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