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Program for English Language Learners (ELL)

What is the English Language Learner Program (also known as Transitional Bilingual Program)?

The Washington State Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program and Title III (Federal) provide funds to local education districts to ensure equal educational opportunities for students whose primary language is other than English.

The goal of the English Language Learner Program is to provide specifically designed instruction for those students who qualify to receive English Language Learners (ELL) services.  Currently there are approximately 300 English language learners in the district with several different languages and cultures represented.


How do students qualify?

All students enrolling in the Aberdeen School District for the first time and whose primary home language is one other than English are given the WELPA (Washington English Language Proficiency Exam) Placement Test. 

Students receiving a score from Level 1-3 qualify for the program.


What services are provided?

Students receive additional direct instruction in English and support in general education classes.  Students are administered the WELPA Annual Assessment each February to measure progress.  Those who receive an overall score of Level 4 are exited from the program.  They are then classified as ELL Transitional Students and receive support, as needed, for the next two years.  


ELL Parent Advisory Committee:

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) works with the Aberdeen School District on the development, operation, and evaluation of the program.  Meetings are held 3-4 times during the school year and families are encouraged to attend.  This year’s meetings are scheduled as follows:

1) Wednesday, November 2nd at Robert Gray Elementary School

2) Tuesday, January 24th at Aberdeen High School
3) Monday, April 24th at Stevens Elementary School


ELL Program Staff:

Mika's pic  
 Mika Katzer, District ELL Coach mkatzer@asd5.org


Geneva's pic
Geneva Bernabe, ELL Para Educator (AJ West)

 Jenny's pic
Jenny Krasowski, ELL Para Educator ( McDermoth and St. Mary's)


Bianca Renteria, ELL Para Educator (Robert Gray and Stevens)
Mizrain's pic  
Mizrain Martinez, ELL Para Educator (Stevens)
Merlyn's pic  
Merlyn Sterling, ELL Para Educator (Central Park)
Heather's pic  
Heather VanArendonk, ELL Para Educator (Robert Gray and AJ West) 
 Miller Crew
Megan Cox Orosz, ELL Teacher (Miller Junior High) morosz@asd5.org

David Miller, ELL Para Educator (Miller Junior High)

Jody and her pet:)  
 Jody Charters, ELL Teacher (Aberdeen High School) jcharters@asd5.org 

High School Crew

Leopoldo Sanchez, ELL Para Educator (Aberdeen High School)
Natalie Tillery, ELL Para Educator (Aberdeen High School)
Kameron's pic
Kameron Covall, ELL Para Educator (Aberdeen High School and Robert Gray)
Robert's Pic  
Robert Williams, ELL Para Educator (Aberdeen High School) 
For more information, contact: 

Jean Prochaska, Director, Student Services (360) 538-2017 jprochaska@asd5.org

Mika Katzer, ELL Coach, Student Services (360) 538-2020 mkatzer@asd5.org

Amber Diel, ELL Support Services, Student Services, (360) 538-2015 adiel@asd5.org


Resources for Parents (Available in multiple languages):


Washington English Language Proficiency Standards (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction)

Resources for Teachers: 

Aberdeen School District English Language Learner Program (English) 

Resources for Parents and Schools with Translations (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) 

Migrant and Bilingual Education Resources (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) 

SIOP Lesson Plans and Activities (Center for Applied Linguistics)  

SIOP Tools & Resources (Pearson) 





Last Modified on May 9, 2017