Aberdeen School District

Our Children, Our Schools, Our Future

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Aberdeen School District
 Our Children, Our Schools, Our Future


The mission of the Aberdeen School District is to be
a strong, inspirational learning community
that empowers students to embrace life’s opportunities.


Vision Statement:
Our graduates are goal-oriented, independent and capable; passionate in pursuit of their aspirations;
resilient and adaptable risk takers, and fully engaged in improving their lives and the lives of others.


Our Goals:
§ Teaching and Learning
Develop critical thinking skills in every student through instruction that is rigorous and individually relevant,
supplemented by technology that is bold, intentional and seamless.
Recruit and retain inspirational teachers, providing ongoing training that is adaptive and professionally focused.

§ School Climate
Promote a safe and welcoming learning environment that emphasizes mutual respect and cultural awareness within a collaborative and accountable framework.

§ Community and Parent Engagement
 Communicate effectively through varied media, celebrating student success and encouraging participation. Promote partnerships with families and our community that enhance student learning.

§ Empowerment
Instill confidence and pride in education, enable pathways and remove barriers, while advocating for students and their families.

§ Creative Independence
Strengthen character development by encouraging and facilitating student independence, self-motivation and creativity, a willingness to take risks and embrace change while laying an effective foundation for lifelong learning.

§ Stewardship
 Maintain trust and ensure the optimal use of district resources through transparent governance and responsible administration.

School Board: 05/05/15