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Summary of the School Board meeting on April 18, 2017.



 A Summary of the School Board Meeting Held on April 18, 2017



  • At 5:08 p.m. President Bielski convened the regular meeting of the Aberdeen School Board in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School. Members present were Erin Farrer and Jamie Walsh along with Student Representative Katurah Martin, Superintendent Thomas Opstad and 27 patrons and staff. Directors Christi Boora and Jeff Nelson joined the meeting in progress.

  • Students in Myka Jugum’s class at Robert Gray Elementary School, who are part of the Ocean Guardian program through NOAA, gave a presentation on tap water vs. bottled water. The students encouraged the positive environmental practice of re-using water bottles and avoiding water in disposable plastic bottles.

  • Kasi Turner shared information about a trip that students in the World Travelers Club were planning to Costa Rica this summer.

  • The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which included the minutes from the meeting on March 21, 2017; March payroll vouchers totaling $2,884,116.38; General Fund vouchers totaling $620,728.18, ASB Fund vouchers totaling $19,292.93, Private Purpose Trust Fund vouchers totaling $1,032.63 and Capital Projects Fund vouchers totaling $15,443.50; approved trip requests from students in the ELL Program at Aberdeen High School who are traveling to Portland, Ore., on May 17, from the Aberdeen High School Marching Band, which is traveling to Victoria, B.C., on May 20-23, from the Jazz Band at Miller Junior High School, which is traveling to Central Washington University at Ellensburg on May 19-20, and from students in the World Travelers Club at Aberdeen High School who are traveling to Costa Rica on July 9-16; accepted a gift to the District from Timberland Bank in support of Business Week in the amount of $750.00  and from the Aberdeen Rotary Club’s Rosenkrantz Fund in support of an American Sign Language video project in the amount of $4,350.00; accepted correspondence from OSPI informing the District that the Technology Plan for 2017-2020 and from Grays Harbor County regarding space availability at the Juvenile Detention Center for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Superintendent Opstad reported that Alan Gozart of Harbor Architects will be at the May 2 meeting to discuss going out to bid on the roof and other projects at Stewart Field.

  • Superintendent Opstad discussed a letter from the Washington Student Achievement Council notifying the district it had been selected for the GEAR UP grant cycle for 2017-2023 if the Department of Education is funded for the program.

  • Superintendent Opstad provided an update on the 2017 legislative session.

  • Superintendent Opstad discussed the 2017-2018 budget, noting that preparations are mostly on hold pending legislative action.

  • Superintendent Opstad shared information about the STAMP assessment that was administered on March 21. Forty-four students took the test, with most earning a foreign language credit for their demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language. Seven students were awarded four credits.

  • Superintendent Opstad reported that the new trash compactor was installed at Aberdeen High School. The project came in under the projected estimate.

  • Superintendent Opstad reported that Aberdeen High School successfully hosted the all-county track and field meet on Saturday, April 15, for the first time since 1923.

  • Superintendent Opstad noted that Haley Farrer was the Aberdeen Rotary Club’s student of the month for April.
  • Superintendent Opstad and Food Service Manager Jaime Matisons discussed the possibility of the 100 percent free lunch status at all schools for 2017-2018.

  • Superintendent Opstad shared a letter from OSPI notifying the district that apportionment would not be impacted at Central Park Elementary School following the emergency closure on March 15 due to a broken water main.

  • Teaching and Learning Director Judy Holliday presented the Teaching and Learning Report for March.

  • Finance Director Elyssa Louderback presented the Fiscal Status Report for March.

  • The Board approved renewal of the agreements with Twin Star Credit Union to operate a branch office and ATM at Aberdeen High School.

  • The Board declared as surplus five vehicles that are no longer needed in the automotive program at Aberdeen High School.

  • The Board approved the purchase of a 30-passenger school bus in the amount of $57,950.00 for delivery after September 1.

  • The next regular meeting of the Board is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 2, in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School.

  • Following an executive session, the Board approved personnel matters.

  • The Board approved the building administrative staffing list for 2017-2018.