Weekly Update 12-9-11

Posted by Tom Opstad at 12/9/2011

Weekly Update

December 9, 2011

We have had great weather in the month of December so far with many fabulous sunsets over Grays Harbor.  It is nice to enjoy the cool, clear days and nights as we head into the winter months.  It may not last forever!
We held our Gray-Pac Superintendent’s meeting on Friday at AHS.  Several areas were discussed including the new funding formula.  I will continue to review our budget in relation to the new funding formula in order to better understand our state funding process.  More information on our district apportionment can be found on the OSPI website under Finances & iGrants, Apportionment/Financial Services - http://www.k12.wa.us/SAFS/default.asp.

The Aberdeen Rotary Club finished handing out dictionaries on Thursday.  This is a great service event and brings smiles to all our fourth grade students.  The Rotary Club also handed out dictionaries in Cosmopolis and St. Mary’s.

Rotary Dictionary

Thank you to the Aberdeen Rotary Club and the members that helped bring dictionaries to the fourth graders throughout our district and community.

Eight staff members from the Miller Junior High School team traveled to Canby, OR to visit their Apple iPod and iPad programs.  It was a good trip that provided answers to several questions generated by the Miller planning team.  We are continuing to plan and gather as much information as possible to help us with a smooth implementation.


Online learning and the use of APEX, ALEKS, MathScore, and other digital instructional programming are growing.  We continue to look at how online learning can be a beneficial alternative for our students.


Have a great weekend.  If you are up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow, you may be able to see the lunar eclipse!


Thank you, Tom