Weekly Update 12-16-11

Posted by Tom Opstad at 12/16/2011

Weekly Update

December 16, 2011


We are moving forward with the second bond refinancing for our outstanding bonds.  This should be completed by January 31, 2012. 


We are on track with the iPad program at Miller.  This week we placed the order for the iPads and will be looking at developing the initial set of apps for students the first of January 2012.  The Miller iPad team is working on making sure as many details and questions are addressed prior to February 1, 2012 as possible.  Even though this has been in the planning process for quite some time, it is a coincidence that it falls on Digital Learning Day - February 1, 2012.  Digital learning is something that is being discussed in online forums such as the National Forum on Information Literacy site.  Digital information is part of our world and helping students develop the skills needed to navigate that world is part of our challenge.  We are moving in the right direction at all levels and I look forward to the years ahead as we all continue to develop digital literacy.


I submitted a letter of interest to the Grays Harbor Community Foundation to apply for a technology grant for our district.  I included the STEM work at the elementary level, support for iPad use at Miller, increased online learning at the high school level, and ongoing professional development for staff in the area of technology development.  If selected to apply, a final grant application will be due by April 2, 2012.


Over the holidays I will be working on some updates for a number of areas in our district.  Some areas include rewriting our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to include the use of the iPads, updating our district transfer request form, outlining procedures for a number of tasks we do to provide greater consistency throughout the district, and taking care of the papers on my desk!  It is always nice to have a few days to catch up on items that seem to remain on the list.


Harbor High School graduation ceremonies on Thursday evening went very well and it was great to see students graduating mid-year with plans to continue their education. 


Thank you and have a great weekend.  Safe travels as you get together to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.