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Weekly Update 11-4-16

Posted by Tom Opstad at 11/4/2016

Weekly Update
November 4, 2016

Today we are moving right into Foodball.  It will be a flurry of activity in both Aberdeen and Hoquiam over the next ten days as students work to provide food and funds for our local food banks.  While it is a competition between the two districts, it is for a great cause and all students can feel good about supporting this worthwhile goal.

The Aberdeen High School Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band performed their annual Pops Concert Tuesday evening in the AHS Commons.  Thank you to Dan Patterson, Director, and all the students who provided a great evening of music.

The district administrators are working on the upcoming Consolidated Program Review (CPR) that will take place in the spring by a team from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  This review includes the following areas;

  • Title I, A – Improving the Academic Achievement of Disadvantaged Students (Program Compliance Review)
  • LAP - Learning Assistance Program (Program Compliance Review)
  • Title I, C – Migrant Student/Family Program (Program Compliance Review)
  • Title I, D – Neglected or Delinquent Student Support (Program Compliance Review)
  • Title I, G – High School Advanced Placement Support (Program Compliance Review)
  • Title II, A – Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraeducators (Program Compliance Review)
  • Title III/TBIP – English Language Learners Programs (Program Compliance Review)
  • Gun-Free Requirements (Required language and posting throughout the district)
  • Rural Education Grant (Review of program compliance with funding guidelines)
  • Homeless (Review of program compliance with funding guidelines)
  • Highly Capable (Review of program compliance with funding guidelines)
  • Perkins/CTE (Review of program compliance with funding guidelines)
  • Private Schools (Documentation of ongoing communication with our local private school)
  • Civil Rights (Overview of implementation of the Civil Rights Requirements)
  • Fiscal (Detailed Expenditure Summary on Federal Grants)
  • OSSS (the Office of Student and School Success)

Thursday, Miller Junior High held it’s annual “Connections Breakfast” for all 6th Grade teachers.  This is a way for the teachers, whose students they had last year, can to ccme to Miller and visit with their former students who are now in 7th grade.  It is fun for both the students and the teachers to reconnect in this manner. 

The Aberdeen School District production of The Sound of Music is just a week away.  The first performances will be on Saturday, November 12.  This will be the first year the play will be run on two weekends to allow for more audiences.

Next Friday is Veteran’s Day and a non-school day.  Several assemblies will be held on Wednesday and Thursday in observance of this national holiday. 

I noticed the local news stations, Seattle television station KING5 News, and the national NBC Nightly News  ( The November 3, 2016, story is titled, FBI Warns of Growing Number of "Virtual Kidnapping" Scams) both had broadcasts on the phone scam that occurred with one of our families this week.  Hopefully, getting the word out will provide some guidance to families if they get a similar phone call.  It is very concerning that this type of scam is taking place, not only in our community, but across the country. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the remaining sunshine (or no rain!) today as the rain will be here soon!

Thank you, Tom