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Weekly Update 11-14-16

Posted by Tom Opstad at 11/14/2016

Weekly Update
November 14, 2016

Congratulations to the Aberdeen High School students and advisor Ms. Kohlmeier for all their efforts in this year's Foodball competition with Hoquiam.  It was exciting on Monday evening for the students from both schools as they reported the results from their work over the past ten days. 
(Aberdeen students in the final stages of compiling Foodball totals)

(Great teamwork between to the two high school leadership teams to benefit our community through the annual Foodball competition.)

Aberdeen celebrates winning the 2016 Foodball competition with Hoquiam!  Congratulations to all the students from both schools who work hard to collect food and funds for families in need in our county.  I am honored to be part of this community and help support this great student project.

It is again amazing to me how fast time is flying by.  This week we will be in the middle of November and moving closer to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  As noted at the last board meeting, the high schools are completing their fall testing for students in a number of areas.  Seniors are preparing for the end of the school year and the numerous graduation requirements. 

The Grays Harbor College teacher program is now well underway.  Registration for the fall of 2017 will take place in January and there will be a number of applicants applying to fill the 30 openings within the first few weeks of open registration.  There are a number of our current Para-educators who have their AA degree who plan to apply and should have a great opportunity locally to earn their bachelor’s degree in teaching.

I attended the Aberdeen High School play on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the high school's production of The Sound of Music.  Thank you to our director, Tamara Helland, and all the students who helped make this an outstanding evening of entertainment.  Our band director, Dan Patterson, directed the student musicians who provided excellent instrumental orchestration for the show.  If you have an opportunity to attend the upcoming weekend shows, it will definitely be a great evening.
(Students ready in the pit for the start of The Sound of Music)

(Final curtain call on Saturday evening at The Sound of Music)

We have had a number of inquiries for the board search consultant to work with the school board in selecting a new superintendent.  As I have mentioned before, this is an outstanding school district with excellent staff.  It is truly been a wonderful experience and an outstanding way to end my career as I move into retirement.. 

Thanks again and have a great week.