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Weekly Update 12-9-16

Posted by Tom Opstad at 12/9/2016

Weekly Update
December 9, 2016

This has been a challenging week to try and predict what our coastal weather will bring in terms of school delays or closures.  Last evening with the onset of snow, we canceled our winter band concert and wrestling match.  Hoquiam canceled the girls’ basketball game.  Tonight is the boys’ basketball game at Hoquiam and it should be a go given that we will see warmer temperatures and rain most of the day and throughout the weekend.  The other events will be rescheduled over the next few days.
(The AHS Jazz Band practices early in the morning as they prepare for their winter concert)

Dee Anne Shaw and Jim Sawin have been working with Northwest Leadership consultants on setting the calendar for the process of hiring the new district superintendent.  It is a fair amount of work behind the scenes and they are both doing a outstanding job coordinating with the consultants.  As of this Friday, the position is posted on the WASA website.  The staff and community input link live at Superintendent Search Survey.  You can click on the link to fill out the survey or navigate to the survey from the district homepage.

We are in the beginning stages of our budget development for the 2017-18 school year.  I will provide more information each month with much of the work posted after the first of the year.  At this point, our enrollment looks to remain fairly steady district-wide as we work on the projections for next fall.

Our district website is transitioning to a new Blackboard look from Schoolwires (a buyout by Blackboard) with the help of Matt Mahon from the technology department.  It is a more friendly mobile site that can be viewed on a smartphone.  The district also has an app that can be downloaded in the Apple and Google stores.  If you search for, Aberdeen School District No. 5, you will find the app to download (it is also by Blackboard Inc.).  The icon associated with the app will have the familiar students reaching for the stars logo.

The STEM program at Miller Junior High School is now the home for 4 new MakerBot Replicator 3-D printers for education.  The STEM and art programs at Miller will be looking to encourage student creativity to help create, design and invent new, better or not-yet-thought of items that can be printed in a 3-D manner on these new additions to the program.  One of the unique and creative opportunities for 3-D printing is in the world of prosthetics.  There is a program called E-Nable, that allows local communities with 3-D printers to create and assemble the pieces for fingers and hands.  Click here for more on this type of program and even a TED video on 3-D printing!
(One of four new 3-D printers at Miller Junior High School)

In the next few days we will look at rescheduling some of the events canceled on Thursday.  We are still sending our second group of sixth grade students to Seattle for the Nutcracker performance today.  The main roads are clear and should be even better by the time our buses get up to the Seattle area and return home this evening.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.