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Weekly Update 12-16-16

Posted by Tom Opstad at 12/16/2016

Weekly Update
December 16, 2016

Today was another day where we were short substitutes across the district.  As we have mentioned a number of times previously, this is and will continue to be a challenge over the next several years.  If you have a 4-year degree and are interested in substituting, please contact the Human Resources Department in the Aberdeen School District office.

Our winter sports are well under way with numerous events taking place each and every week.  The high school band concert that was canceled last week was rescheduled for this evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the high school Auditorium.  Last Tuesday was the first choir concert for the Miller Junior High and high school choirs.  Our new choir director organized a great evening of entertainment and is looking forward to planning her next concert now that the first one is behind her.

Next week is a short, three-day week with classes Monday through Wednesday.  We are out for the winter break from Thursday, December 22, through Monday, January 2.  Students return on Tuesday, January 3. 

Jim Sawin and I continue to meet with the district discipline committee to review both policy and practice.  This is a good group with positive input on how we can move forward with some of the policies we will be bringing to the school board and working with each building team to come up with a model that will be consistent across our buildings.  This is part of the work needed to implement the laws passed in legislatiion that take effect in the 2017-18 school year.

The governor’s budget that was released on Tuesday provides a glimpse of what may be a fairly long legislative session.  It radically changes the funding model for teachers, classified staff and administrators.  It also impacts local levies over a two-year period that will need close tracking since Local Effort Assistance (LEA) will also be impacted.  As more detaila become available from the Senate and House budgets, some of the questions that were created by the governor’s budget will start to be more focused for our budget planning.

Have a great holiday and enjoy time with family and friends.  It is a good time of year for me to reflect on all the outstanding programs and opportunities we have in our district for students and staff.  Many areas go unnoticed, but all areas are important components that help make our district a great place to work, live and teach.  Please know that, while I am looking forward to retirement, I have truly enjoyed my tenure in Aberdeen and will always treasure the friendships and people I have interacted with over the past seven years.

Have a great weekend.