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Weekly Update 1-6-17

Posted by Tom Opstad at 1/6/2017

Weekly Update
January 6, 2017

Welcome to 2017.  This will be a busy time of year with a number of projects moving forward over the next few months.  I will be meeting with the architects from TCF on Tuesday, February 7, to review their work on the Study and Survey along with some initial drawings for a new elementary to replace Stevens. 

Thank you to Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. for hosting the annual "send-off" of our elected state representatives on Thursday.  We heard from each of the members from both the 19th and 24th districts.  I wish them well as the take on many challenges during this session and work together for the benefit of our state and local communities.

The high school administrators’ will be working with their staff to plan for and implement the 5-period trimester beginning with the 2017-18 school year.  For more information on the new high school schedule, click here.

The district Consolidated Program Review (CPR) takes place with an onsite visit from OSPI staff next Wednesday, January 11.  This involves a review of all our federal programs and related grant areas.  They also review our required notifications and postings as outlined by the Office of Civil Rights.  While a number of areas have received a “desk review,” the site team will visit with district staff as well as visit several school buildings in the district.

Our annual review from the state auditor’s office will begin in late February and continue into the first part of March.  This involves a review of our district policies, fiscal health and human resources practices.  This audit always includes a review of the Associated Student Body (ASB) funds since they deal in cash for many of the fundraisers and other projects involving staff, students and parents.  We typically receive the final report in May that we will bring to the board for review.

I am meeting this afternoon with representatives from Grays Harbor College, the YMCA and the City of Aberdeen to discuss the potential site for a new school to replace Stevens.  The preferred site is the land adjacent to the Bishop Center at Grays Harbor College.  We could potentially swap the land we own to the south of Lake Swano with the land near the Bishop Center.  It would be fantastic to have an elementary next to the college as they start the new bachelors degree program in teaching this fall.  This will be an ongoing discussion that will continue with a new superintendent.

Have a great weekend as we begin to see a change in the weather.

Thanks again and have a outstanding start to 2017!

Sincerely, Tom