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Weekly Update 2-3-17

Posted by Tom Opstad at 2/3/2017

Weekly Update

February 3, 2017


We are getting busy in the district office planning for the 2017-18 staffing, preparing for the upcoming summer programs and following the legislative agenda to see what impacts that will have on school district budgets over the next two years. 


It is the time of year when summer employment opportunities are becoming available for students.  Below is a link from the Washington State Department of Ecology for Ecology Youth Corps (EYC) workers in the Grays Harbor area.  The minimum wage for these summer jobs is $11 per hour.  The jobs are available for 14-17 year old students and the window to apply for the summer EYC jobs is between February 1 and April 3, 2017.  Students can check with their school counselor to get more information, however the Department of Ecology encourages and prefers students to apply on-line.



The planning for a new Stevens Elementary will be the major focus for the day when TCF is here on Tuesday.  The will be meeting with representatives from the district, the YMCA, Grays Harbor College and the City of Aberdeen during the day to get additional input on a joint recreational facility.  This, along with work at AJ West, Miller JH, Robert Gray and Aberdeen High School will all be part of the long-range plan being put together for your review.


We are looking at some space challenges over the next few years at the elementary level with larger primary classes.  This will be a discussion to have over the next few months and years as we plan the bond for the replacement of Steven's Elementary along with some other district-wide improvements.


Our second semester is off to a good start with a number of new enrollments in all schools.  We have a history of graduating students at Harbor High after the first semester, but also pick up a number of students who will be able to finish their graduation requirements in order graduate this June. 


The Aberdeen School District Career and Technical Education (CTE) General Advisory Committee met at Miller Junior High School this week and had a tour of the Miller Robotics and STEM programs. 



It is exciting to be moving forward with the Grays Harbor College Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education program.  Over the next few weeks we will be interviewing for an associate dean for the program.  That person will then work on hiring additional staff to fill out the program needs.  This is a great opportunity for our region that will help with the teacher shortage as more teachers consider retirement.


Thanks again and have a great weekend.