School Nurse
    Natasha Chapin
     Welcome Students and Family:
      It is a new school year and a few things are required for your child to start. If your child requires any medications, prescrided or over the counter, a doctor's medication of authorization at school is required along with parent signature. If you child had a care plan from last year we will need to renew it so please cotact me.
    Please make sure your child is up to date with immunizations, I am happy to supply their records that the school has on file. If your child requires any immunizations you will be notified throughout the school year 
    Please if you have any questions regading care plans, medications, elevator usage, or health concerns please contact me. 
    Nurses office 
    Phone: 360-538-2049
    Fax: 360-538-2077
    E-mail: nchapin@asd5.org