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Erik Peterson

Hello. My name is Erik Peterson and I am the Orchestra Teacher for the Aberdeen School District. The easiest way to get in touch with me is through email. My email address is: <>  I do most of my on line communications with students and parents about classes, assignments and grades through my Canvas Learning Platform. Once you are in Orchestra you can go to Canvas and check your class tiles. If the enrollment process is complete clicking on the orchestra tile will take you directly to your syllabus (all of the important information) for orchestra class.


Here is the 2 minute version of why you should consider joining The Aberdeen School District Orchestra and learn to play a stringed instrument: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

  1. Make beautiful art and learn social skills! Create sound artistically playing stringed instruments popular since 1644 when Antonio Stradivari was born.
  2. Learn to think and have a positive mindset! Strategies for learning, positive analysis of performances, practice and setting personal and shared goals are parts of the orchestra experience.
  3. Make Friends. Play and travel together.
  4. Learn teamwork with people thinking about the same goals you share.
  5. Learn the cause and effect related to personal motivation taking responsibility for playing your part in polyphonic (multiple part) music.
  6. Learn skills you can use and enjoy for the rest of your life.

There are some instrument specific learning objectives for 6th grade orchestra students. If you would like me to send you a study worksheet for your instrument to use as you prepare for orchestra class participation please email me. <>

One of the first things we are going to work on is securing an instrument for you to play in class. To secure an instrument you have 2 choices: 1. You can rent an instrument from Ted Brown Music and we can arrange to have your instrument delivered to you here in Aberdeen or, 2. You can borrow an instrument free of charge from the Aberdeen School District. Students who complete the assignment given preliminary assignment will have first priority for free instrument use.

Here is the information you need to rent an instrument from Ted Brown: Go to the Ted Brown Tacoma website. On the main page click the Rentals tab, find Aberdeen on the top of thge list of district who use Ted Brown instrumental rental servicves. Click the Start Renting button and complete the questions. You will have to have an adult work with you for this process.

I will be fitting instruments on a first come first serve basis for students at the beginning of the next school year. I will loan instruments to those students who have done their home work and would like to borrow an instrument until I am out of instruments.

We will be using Essential Elements 2000, Book 1 for strings. When you request your book you have to say what instrument you play, violin, viola, cello or bass, to get the correct book. Books are available for purchase on Amazon or at Ted Brown Music and cost $10.00 each.