• Welcome to the Miller Jr. High Music Department!

    Middle school is a time where some students learn at their best. It is a time when students learn some of the most critical skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. There are many ways in which students get to learn and practice these skills, but music is perhaps the most consistent way to pick up these skills. Being involved in music will teach leadership skills, teamwork, organizational skills, communication, time management, perseverance, problem solving, thinking on the spot, patience, responsibility, stress management, work ethic, and much more. 

    Middle school is the bridge between elementary and high school. A solid music education is so important to helping students be successful later on. Our staff are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for students so that we can have the best music program that we can, which is one where students are able to express themselves safely and creatively and acquire all of these additional benefits. We hope that is something you consider when deciding whether or not music is for you or for your student.