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    The Associated Student Body of Miller Junior High
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    Students at each grade level are involved with leadership activities on the ASB Representative council.
    The representatives are responsible for all things related to student activities at Miller. They regularly make decisions regarding sports, fund-raising, dances, school spirit activities and student recognition events.

    How Do I Get Involved with ASB?

    It is important to get involved.
    Each spring, our student body elects class officers to represent the school in their 8th grade year.
    If you want to run for office, listen to the announcements and watch the ASB web page for more information.
    We also use ASB representatives who want to volunteer to help make Miller a better place for everyone. They help before school, during school and after school.  They keep their grades up, come to school every day, work hard and show respect for everyone in everything they do. They have a great attitude and never say it's too hard or I don't have enough time or I'll do that later.
    If this sounds like you or it sounds like the student you want to be. Come see Mrs. Stover in the ASB office and she will show you how you can get involved.  ASB meets regularly.  We work at games and dances.
    There are many ways students can involve themselves in leadership activities at Miller Junior High.