Miller Junior High Special Education Program, working with Students With Disabilities (SWD)


    • Move students out of SWD status with IEP team agreement and academic support from within.  Try to do this before students enter high school.
    SWD Model
    • Consultation Model: Our SPED teachers will begin working with an OSPI Coach to develop the consultation model.  The theory for this model is based on the research in the text Creating Successful Inclusion Programs by Martin Henley.   Our current master schedule supports this model nearly ? of the school day.
    Master Schedule

    Provide opportunities for our SWD case managers to work with students and staff.


    • Continue to hand schedule SWD students, prior to scheduling regular ed students into classes at the beginning of the school year.


    • Working to bring in OSPI SWD coaches to support SWD teachers.  Paid for as a result of being Teir 2 +3  funding. 
    • Working to bring about differentiated instruction through “centers approach” and “small group direct instruction” in SWD classrooms.
    • Bi-monthly SPED meetings for purposes of collaboration within SWD.  Expect SWD staff to collaborate with subject area teams of Math and English.
    • Expect SWD staff to use and discuss progress monitoring tools for trimester progress reporting (Aimsweb), data monitoring (using Homeroom), and classroom performance (grades and teacher feedback) to improve student learning. We expect our SPED students to be make 6% Annual Measurable Growth, based on state expectations. Currently, our only tool to measure growth is MAP testing.  Soon Smarter Balance testing will come online for the 2014-15 school year, adding another layer of assessment to measure growth.
    Paraprofessional Educators:
    • Paraprofessional SWD educators need to regularly connect with case managers of SWD students. The general education teacher is responsible for the SWD student education and meeting standard, so the paraprofessional educator  takes instruction from the general education teacher on modifications in the classroom to help the SWD student meet the content standards.  Download document titled, "Role of the Paraprofessional Educator in the Classroom," by Clicking Here