• Stevens Elementary School Staff Roster

    Principal: Arnie Lewis -- alewis@asd5.org

    Office Manager:  Josie Micheau -- jmicheau@asd5.org

    Phone: (360) 538-2150 – FAX. (360) 538-


     Grade                           Name                           email address

    Preschool                    Mrs. Smith                  msmith@asd5.org

    Kindergarten               Mrs. Clingen                vclingen@asd5.org

    Kindergarten               Mrs. Tageant              ktagent@asd5.org

    Kindergarten               Ms. Kuhn                     pkuhn@asd5.org

    1st                                Mr. Sturm                   rsturm@asd5.org

    1st                                Mrs. Gay                     lgay@asd5.org           

    1st                                Ms. Lennier                 mlennier@asd5.org   

    2nd                               Ms. Hunt                     shunt@asd5.org

    2nd                               Mrs. Fitzpatrick           rfitzpatrick@asd5.org

    2nd                               Ms. Verde                   sverde@asd5.org       

    3rd                                Mrs. Collin                   ccollin@asd5.org

    3rd                                Mrs. King                     dking@asd5.org         

    3rd                                Ms. Berentsen             hberentsen@asd5.org           

    4th                                Mrs. Burgher               tburgher@asd5.org

    4th                                Mrs. Martell                hmartell@asd5.org

    4/5                              Mrs. Hatton                dhatton@asd5.org           

    5th                                Ms. Eddy                     keddy@asd5.org        

    5th                                Ms. Hoffman              mhoffman@asd5.org

    MTSS/Title 1/LAP/EL  Mrs. Metke                 ametke@asd5.org

    Special Education        Mrs. Prosch                 jprosch@asd5.org

    Special Education        Ms. Shay                     mshay@asd5.org       

    RISE Program Lead      Mrs. Azar                    jazar@asd5.org         

    PE (3rd-5th)                  Mr. Duffy                     aduffy@asd5.org       

    General Music              Mr. Peterson               epeterson@asd5.org 

    Band                            Mrs. Koski                   wkoski@asd5.org      

    Orchestra                    Mrs. Akerland             dakerland@asd5.org

    Counselor                      Ms. Sturgill                 jsturgill@asd5.org                                   

    Library Technician:      Mrs. Cook                    tcook@asd5.org

    Family Service             Ms. Mullikin                kmillikin@asd5.org    


    Para Educators:

    Mrs. Linke                               Mrs. Onasch                            Mrs. Filyaw

    Mrs. DuBlanko                        Mrs. Crocker                            Mrs. Shelton

    Mrs. Tingwall                          Mrs. Garrison                          Mrs. Wright

    Mrs. Williams                         Mrs. Yeoman                          Mrs. Pehl

    Ms. Kelly                                 Miss. Onasch

    Custodians:                             Kitchen Staff:

    Mr. Rattie                               Mrs. Ancich    

    Mr. Shay                                  Mrs. Connell                

    Mr. Reid                                  Mrs. Lujan


    District Superintendent:

    Dr. Alicia Henderson (360) 538-2006


    School District Office Number:



    School Board

    The Aberdeen School District Board of Directors is made up of five at large representatives elected from the citizens who reside within the school district boundaries.  A current listing of the Board of Directors can be found on the Internet at www.asd5.org or by calling the Aberdeen School District office at 538-2000.  The board represents the people of the school district.  Board members welcome comments and questions from the public.  The Board of Directors typically meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month during the school year at 5:00 in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School at 410 N. G Street in Aberdeen.  A copy of the meeting schedule can be obtained from the district office and on the district website.

    A Message from your Principal

     Dear Parents,

     Stevens Elementary School staff members are honored to have the privilege of being responsible for a portion of your child’s education.  We will make every effort to provide a caring, safe, and challenging environment for every child.  This booklet has been developed and sent to you in an effort to make sure you know how the school operates and what is expected of everyone at Stevens.  The mission of Stevens Elementary is to develop character education; have high expectations; provide project/problem-based learning experiences; collaborate amongst staff, students and families; involve the community; focus on professional development; and encourage goal setting.  This can only be accomplished when parents, students, and staff work together cooperatively, focused on learning opportunities for all.  I believe my role, as principal, is to help facilitate cooperation between all members of the Stevens School community. 

     If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact me at school and I will be happy to personally discuss it with you.  I am always willing to listen to suggestions.  Together, we can make school a great place for children to learn and grow.

     Thank you,

    Your Principal

     Mr. Lewis 


    Stevens Elementary Schedule

    2019-2020 School Year


    • 8:30 Playground gates open supervision available
    • 8:30 Doors Open for Breakfast
    • 8:35 Breakfast Bell Rings (everybody invited to breakfast!)
    • 8:45 AM Preschool Begins
    • 8:55 School begins for K-5
    • 10:15-10:25 2nd and 3rd Grade Recess
    • 10:30-10:40 Kindergarten and 1st Grade Recess
    • 10:45-10:55 4th and 5th Grade Recess
    • 11:45 AM Preschool Ends
    • 11:30-12:00 Kindergarten and 1st grade Lunch and Recess
    • 12:00-12:30 2nd and 3rd Grade Lunch and Recess
    • 12:30-1:00 4th and 5th Grade Lunch and Recess
    • 12:30 PM Preschool Begins
    • 1:30-1:40 K-1 Afternoon Brain Break Recess
    • 1:45-1:55 2nd and 3rd Grade Afternoon Brain Break Recess
    • 2:00-2:10 4th and 5th Afternoon Brain Break Recess
    • 3:00 K-2 School Ends
    • 3:25 3-5 School Ends
    • 3:30 PM Preschool Ends

    Breakfast and Lunch

    Thanks to an option in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), all Stevens Elementary students will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge!  Please contact the school office by 9:00 AM if you are planning to eat lunch with your child for prices and procedures. We also emphasize that all students have the opportunity to eat breakfast. All students will be offered breakfast upon entering our campus.

    Student Arrival Time

    Students are not to be dropped off before 8:30 in the morning.  AM preschool should arrive to school no earlier than 8:40 AM and 12:25 PM.  We have no supervision prior to that time. Stevens cannot be responsible for children who are on campus without proper supervision.

    Student Absences

    Please call the school each morning before 9:30 AM if your child is absent. We always try to contact parents of students who do not call.  Students who are absent may not participate in any school-sponsored activities on the day of their absence.  The principal may clear a student under special circumstances.


    Regular attendance at school is critical to a student’s overall success.  Absences are generally considered excessive when the student is gone for more than 10% of the school days.  Excessive absences can result in the student repeating a grade, filing a truancy petition with Grays Harbor County Court and most importantly falling behind classmates academically. 

    Students Late to School

    In the event students are late coming to school, they need to check in with the office. Students will not be admitted to class unless they have been to the office. Teachers begin with critical instruction at the start of the school day. Students who are tardy, may be required to make up time during recesses. Medical, counseling and court appointments are examples of excused absences. All other absences are considered unexcused under school board policy and State attendance laws.

    Temporary Dismissal

    Students must bring a note or parents may call the school office if a student has an appointment during the school day. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds without first checking with the office. Parents need to report to the office to sign your student out. Students will be called to the office to meet their parents when the parent arrives.


    Picking Up Students After School

    If you pick up your student after school, please make arrangements to meet him/her outside. It would help our traffic problem, if students were picked up away from the bus/daycare van areas. Students who are not picked up on time are taken to the office to wait.  If a parent or authorized person cannot be contacted before 4:00 PM, Child Protective Services and the Police may be notified.

    • Students who walk home after school are asked to leave as soon as school is dismissed. Our school has a large group of bus students waiting for buses and we request that walkers not stay to play.
    • An adult crossing guard assists the students crossing at Cushing Street and Southwest Boulevard on Highway 101.Students should only cross major streets in crosswalks with crossing guards before and after school.
    • Parents or any other persons are not allowed to wait for their children in the halls outside classrooms before class ends. Please meet your child outside the school or go to their room at the end of the school day.This helps to maintain a quiet and undisturbed learning atmosphere through the end of the school day. We do not permit children in grades K, 1 and 2 to wait for their parents outside the school building unsupervised.

    Early Release Days

    All K-5 students are dismissed at 12:05 on Early Release Days.  There are no after school activities on early release days.

    Collaboration Early Release Days

    The dismissal time on Collaboration Days is 1:25 for all students.

    Use of the Telephone

    We allow use of phone in emergencies or to contact parents. Telephones are always available for students in all areas of our school.

    Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

    We understand that cell phones have become a big part of our society and that many parents feel safer knowing that their children have a way to contact them in the event of an emergency or just to let them know where they are.  However, cell phones can be a disruption at school. Students may have cell phones at school, but, they must be turned off and out of sight during school hours.  Students are not be allowed to call or text during school hours without permission from an adult. Other electronic devices, such as games or tablets, are not allowed at school.

    If students violate these rules, the following steps will be taken: On the first incident, the phone may be held by the teacher or other adult and returned to the student at the end of the school day.  On the second incident, the phone may be confiscated, and may only be returned directly to the parent or guardian by the office or teacher. If cell phones are used in conjunction with other offenses (i.e. bullying, harassment, etc.), other consequences will apply in addition to confiscation.  The school assumes no responsibility if cell phones or other electronic devices are lost, stolen or damaged while on school property.

    Parent visits to school

    Parents are always welcome at Stevens. If you want to visit your child’s classroom, please call or email the teacher a day in advance to arrange the visit. All visitors must check-in at the office and pick up a visitor's badge before entering the halls or a classroom. All visitors must wear a visitor's button. This identifies authorized visitors for our staff and students.


    Parents and community members are always welcome to work in our school. Volunteers are needed for both long and short-term projects. If you would like to volunteer your time and talents, please contact the office. School volunteers must complete a free Washington State Patrol background check prior to beginning to help at school. Information and the forms are available in the office. All volunteers must check-in at the office and pick up a visitor's pass before entering any classrooms.

    Messages to Students

    We are happy to get messages to students. Calling near the end of day with a message can be a challenge. Please allow enough time to the office to communicate with your student. Call the office at (360) 538-2150 if you need to get a message to your student.

    School Records Update

    Please provide our office with your correct contact information. It is critical that we can locate a parent or guardian during the school day in case of emergencies. Notify the school right away with any changes to phone numbers, addresses or change in guardianship.


    Proper medication forms must be completed if a child will take medication of any type including over the counter medications during school hours. School staff will supervise the administration of the medication if current paperwork is on file. Copies of the required form may be picked up in the office. Parents must personally drop off any medication in the office in the original container. Parents can come to school and administer medications.

    Illnesses at School

    If your student becomes ill at school, the following procedures will be followed. The teacher or staff member will send the student to the office. If the nurse is available, she will follow this procedure. If the nurse is not available, the staff member in the office will ask the student what is going on, check his or her temperature and offer comfort as they try to understand what is needed. If the student shows a temperature above normal and we have had no contact from home, we will notify a parent immediately and request that the student go home for the day. Our expectation is that a student should be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school to prevent the spread of illness.  If the student has been ill and parents are requesting that he/she not be allowed outside for recess or noon playtime, send a dated note to your student's teacher each day or call the office.

    Dress Code

    Students should be dressed appropriately each day for the variety of activities in which they may participate, including PE and recess.  Clothing that directly or indirectly suggests the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or which attracts undue attention is disruptive to the educational process and should not be worn at school. 

    Guidelines for School Dress:

      • Students must come to school wearing shoes, pants (or skirts/dresses), shirts, and a jacket or sweatshirt for outside. 
      • Shirts/tops need to cover their backs, stomach area and shoulders.
      • Pants that are too loose and sag below the student's waist are not permitted. A belt can be provided for students whose pants fail to stay in place.
      • Pajamas and slippers are not permitted at school. 
      • Clothes need to be without reference to drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence, or sexual themes.
      • Hats should not be worn in the building out of respect for everyone   
      • Bandanas, hairnets, do-rags and hoods should not be worn at school.  Hooded sweatshirts are permitted, but hoods may not be worn indoors and they are not considered to be hats on “hat days.” 
      • No spiked jewelry or spiked belts are allowed.  Belts should be worn at fit properly.
      • Students should refrain from wearing high heels or shoes difficult to walk in. Emergencies happen at everyone must be ready.
      • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend beyond the fingertips in the front and back.
      • Any clothing or aspect of personal appearance (e.g., makeup, colored hair gel or other items) that is determined to be disruptive should not be worn at school.
    • The simple test is if you question whether any clothing item is appropriate for school don’t wear it to school. Try not to leave clothing open to interpretation.

    Parents will also be contacted if their student's dress interferes or disrupts the overall learning atmosphere at school. Students will be asked to change if their clothing does not match the school dress policy.  We have a limited amount of clothing for students to borrow if their attire is not appropriate for school.  Students will be given the opportunity to change if their clothes are not appropriate. Students who voluntarily change will face no consequences.  Students who refuse to adjust their clothes will be treated as insubordinate and we will contact parents.

    Bicycles, Scooters, and Skateboards

    We have a bicycle rack for storage.  Students should lock their bikes in the rack. Students with scooters and skateboards may ask for help in the office to find a safe place for storage. The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen bikes, scooters, or skateboards. 

    All students must follow the laws regarding bikes, scooters and skateboards.  This includes wearing a helmet.  Failure to obey the laws regarding the riding of bikes, scooters, or skateboards will result in a loss of privilege to bring them onto school property. Public schools are required to enforce all laws and report violations to the correct authority.

    Invitations to off school parties

    Invitations to after school or weekend birthday parties are not to be distributed at school.  When some students are not invited this can cause disruptions.


    Our school district offers an optional student insurance plan. We send home information on this plan each year and always have copies in the office. If you do not have insurance on your child, we urge you to review this policy. Often accidents that occur at school are no one’s fault and typically fall to the parent’s insurance plan. Insurance is required if your child participates in a school sport.

    Lost and Found

    All unlabeled, unclaimed clothing will make its way to the lost and found. Parents may come and view the lost and found. We clean out our lost and found area when it gets large so please be sure and have your child check if he/she has anything missing. Lost and found clothing will be donated after an extended time of being unclaimed. We always have lost and found items displayed during parent conference week. Often after parent conference week we will donate the remaining clothing.


    Band is offered as an elective to our 5th grade students during the school year. Orchestra is an elective for our 5th and grade students. Our instrumental music teachers will send home more information. General music instruction is provided for all students in grades K - 5.

    Communicable Diseases/Parasites

    Please notify the school if your child contracts a communicable disease, such as head lice, fifth disease, measles, MERSA, chicken pox or other contagious diseases. Students cannot attend school with certain communicable diseases. Our school nurse can help with questions. If your child attends school with head lice parents will be notified and treatment options will be discussed. The school will communicate with families immediately whenever necessary about medical situations at school.


    All students who attend public school must have and keep vaccinations up to date. Students new to the school district will not be allowed to start classes without proper documentation and proof of vaccinations. Only those families with medical reasons from a doctor or a religious waiver on file with the district are allowed to attend without proper vaccination. Students will be excluded from school under State Law if proper vaccination paperwork is not current with the school.

    Treats at School

    The health and nutrition of our students is one of our primary concerns.  We have numerous children and adults who suffer from food allergies; some are life threatening.  In addition, our district has adopted a policy to limit the number of non-nutritional snacks offered at school. All treats to be distributed at school must be commercially made and properly labeled. We cannot distribute homemade food at school.  Contact your child’s teacher in advance to plan for birthday treats in the classroom.

    Weapons Free Zone

    State Law requires that all public schools are drug and weapon free zones.  Weapons include but are not limited to:  knives, guns (real or fake), martial arts instruments, and any item used with intent to inflict harm. Any student who brings dangerous objects to school is subject to discipline as outlined by State law, which can include up to immediate emergency expulsion.


    It is a violation of district policy and State Law (RCW 9.41.280) for any person to carry a firearm or dangerous weapon on school premises, school-provided transportation or areas of other facilities being used for school activities.  It is also a violation of district policy for any person to carry or use in a threatening or disruptive manner any device, which resembles or is intended to look like a dangerous weapon.  Students who violate this policy shall be subject to discipline up to and including expulsion for a violation involving a firearm. Law enforcement will also be contacted for all cases involving a dangerous weapon intended to do harm on public school property.

    Tobacco Policy

    District policy prohibits the use of tobacco by students, staff or visitors on school district property.  Possession or distribution of tobacco products by minors is prohibited and violates State Law.  School district property includes all district buildings, grounds and district-owned vehicles.  Students are subject to discipline for violations of this policy.  E-cigarettes and “vapes” are treated as controlled substances and subject to the same policies. 

    Stevens Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

    The Parent/Teacher Organization at Stevens Elementary School is an active and dedicated group. All parents are encouraged to take part and we welcome each of you. This group is directly responsible for many fund-raising events. They also sponsor our library, family bingo nights, assemblies, field trips, playground equipment, and MORE! If you would like to help or want more information, please contact the school office.

         Acting President – Josie Micheau

    Student Government

    We elect student body officers each year. They participate in our Associated Student Body affairs. These students meet and decide special events for our school. 5th grade students are eligible for office and should check in with the ASB Advisor:  Mrs. Martell for information. All students who run for or hold an ASB office are required to be role models for all students are should never have concerns around attendance, discipline or academic progress while participating. Like any extra-curricular activity, ASB is voluntary and can be removed from a student if guidelines are not maintained.

    School Mascot/Colors

    Our school mascot is the husky and our colors are purple and grey. We encourage students and staff to wear these colors on special days to show pride for their school and community.

    Internet and District Network Usage  
    The school district network is provided for students to conduct research, create content, and receive instruction from the Internet. An Internet Acceptable Use Policy agreement is read and signed when a student registers in the Aberdeen School District.  This form is renewed as it is revised by the District or when the students transition to a new buildingStudents must follow all the guidelines of the Acceptable Use Policy any time on any device while using the Aberdeen school district network resources. Failure to follow guidelines can cause a student to lose this privilege. 

    Emergency School Procedures


    Fire drills are practiced regularly at school. Students practice how to orderly leave the building and assemble on the playground and near the front of the building in safe locations. In the event of a real fire, students would be assembled in a safe place until parents can be notified and arrive to retrieve their children.


    Earthquake drills are part of our regular emergency preparedness exercises at Stevens. Students are trained on the most recent methods to maximize safety and increase the survive an earthquake.


    Tsunami warning systems are in place throughout Grays Harbor County. All schools in Washington that are located within inundation zones are required to plan and implement emergency procedures for all students to escape  allow for adequate time to dismiss students from school.  In case of an emergency situation, Stevens students would walk to a reengagement point at Grays Harbor College.  Parents would then be contacted to pick up students from that point.

    Student Discipline Guidelines and Procedures

    District-Wide Discipline Procedure

    All students will be expected to obey all rules at school. When a student breaks a rule, he/she can expect to be corrected. Depending on the rule that has been broken and the circumstances surrounding the problem, one or more of the following will occur:

    An individual conference with teacher or para-educator is the first step. Consequence(s) may be a verbal warning, loss of school privileges (i.e. recess, lunch playtime), after school detention, suspension or expulsion. The principal will be involved in all cases requiring suspension or expulsion and most cases involving detention.

    The student may be referred to the principal. The adults will then work together to determine the best plan to increase compliance and help the student continue to make positive choices.

    In case of detention, the parent will be notified in advance to ensure arrangements can be made for transportation.

    General guidelines: The Aberdeen School District believes that schools and families work together for the good of the students.  Early involvement of parents when discipline issues arise is essential to a student's successful school career. When students know that home and school expect the same behaviors and believe the student capable of good behavior, the more likely the student is to make good choices.  The principal’s role in supporting the student is also essential.

    If a student receives a written conduct violation from a staff member, the child will meet with the principal.  The principal will write a brief report outlining the violation and the steps the school has taken or is taking to correct the behavior.  If the violation is serious enough to warrant a suspension either in school or out of school, the parents will be contacted immediately.   

    Always, if any parents have concerns or questions, they are encouraged to contact the principal or classroom teacher.

    Building and Playground Guidelines

    At Stevens Elementary School, we have 4 (four) simple building and playground guidelines.  We expect these guidelines to be followed by every member of our school community, including students, staff, and any visitors to our building.  These guidelines are learned and practiced in each classroom, and are posted in each room and classroom in the building.  They are in place in classrooms, on the playground, in the hallways, lunchroom, and bathrooms.  In addition, Stevens Elementary School uses the CHAMPs model from Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) to specifically identify and teach behavior expectations and procedures to students.

    We follow these guidelines for success:

    Practice kind words and actions.

    Act respectfully and responsibly to self, others and property.

    Work to keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

    Share your best effort in all things you do and with everyone.


    Some definitions:

    • Respect and responsibility for SELF means: 

     do my best and make good choices, play and work safely, and take good care of myself.


    • Respect and responsibility for OTHERS means:

    I treat others as I wish to be treated, with kindness and compassion. It means I accept differences in others and value those differences.


    • Respect and responsibility for PROPERTY means:

    I take care of our school and our materials.  It means I clean up after myself, and help others take care of our home, school and community.


    General Expectations

    Rock throwing, assaultive behavior, harassment of any kind, use of bad language, bothering others' belongings without permission, disorderly conduct, damaging school property, disobedience, or defiance have no place at school and will result in disciplinary action.


    Students may not bring any personal play items to school (this includes toys, balls, electronic devises and make-up or finger nail polish). The school will issue playground equipment for use on the playground.  In the past, personal items brought to school have been lost, stolen or broken.  The school takes no responsibility for unauthorized items brought to school.   


    Please deposit lunch money into your account before school starts.


    Students may not be on the playground prior to 8:30; there is no adult supervision.


    Students are expected to follow the directions of any staff member in the building, on the playground, or at any school activity.  Students are expected to follow adult directions with respect and with an appropriate attitude.



    Playground Expectations

    On the playground we expect that everyone does the following:

    Respect myself, others, and property.

    Play safely.

    Use all equipment properly

    Follow the rules of the game.


    We also have some specific game rules made to help keep everyone safe and having fun!

    These will be taught to all students during the first two days of school.


    If you would like a copy of the specific game rules, please let the office know.  We can email them to you or send home a paper copy.     


    Student Cafeteria Rules

    In order for lunchtime to be pleasant for everyone, I will show respect and responsibility for myself, others and property by:

    Walking in the lunchroom.

    Keeping my hands and feet to myself while I wait in line. 

    Talking quietly in the lunchroom.

    Depositing playground equipment in classroom boxes before going through the lunch line.

    Remaining seated until an adult dismisses me.

    Not trading lunches or touching anyone else’s food.

    Not bringing breakable containers in my lunch.

    Cleaning up after myself.


    Student Bus Rules

    While waiting for the bus I will show respect and responsibility for myself, others and property by:

    Lining up in the covered area as soon as school is dismissed. 

    Keeping my hands and feet to myself. 

    Being polite to others. 

    No fighting.

    Continuing to behave in an exemplary (means my best) way while riding home.


    Don’t Lose Your Bus Privilege!

    Rules for Riding School Buses

    The driver is in full charge of the bus and students.

    Students shall ride their regularly assigned route at all times unless permission has been granted by school authorities to do otherwise.

    Bus drivers have the authority to assign seating on the bus.

    Classroom conduct must be observed on the bus.

      • Eating and drinking will not be permitted on regular to and from school bus routes. Students shall help to keep the bus clean.
      • Students are to remain quiet when a bus is stopped at a railroad crossing.
      • Students are to remain seated while the bus is in motion.
      • A more comprehensive list of bus rules is located in District Procedure 6605P.

    Failure to observe these rules may result in the suspension of a student’s riding privileges in accordance with school district policy.



    An Important Reminder

    In life, natural consequences face us each day, in every decision we make. School is a safe place where children learn which decisions are the most productive: those which produce positive natural consequences.  Thus, even playground and social situations are learning grounds for making good decisions.  Therefore, logical ‘natural consequences’ are used when fewer positive decisions are made.  This could include receiving a short time-out, a conference with a adult, the counselor, teacher, or sometimes the principal.  All of these consequences have the same positive goal: to help each child learn to make good decisions.


    In the event when a child participates in bullying, intimidation and harassment not corrected by discussion or the above measures; parents will be involved and district discipline procedures will be used.  While these instances are rare; they are taken seriously and handled immediately.  The policies and procedures pertaining to this are covered in the District Policy and Procedure manual which is available online at




    Aberdeen School District Parent Involvement

    The board believes that the education of children is a joint responsi­bil­ity, one it shares with the parents and the community. To ensure that the best interests of the child are served in this process, a strong program of communication and/or collaboration between home and school must be maintained. The board believes that it is the parents who have the ultimate responsibility for their children's in‑school academic achievement and behavioral conduct. During school hours, the board, through its designated staff, shall strive to serve the interests of parents in providing for the safety, health and welfare of their children.


    The board directs the superintendent to develop activities that will enhance home‑school cooperation. Such activities may include, but not be limited to:


      • Conducting parent‑teacher conferences which facilitates two‑way communication between home and school;
      • Holding open houses which provide parents with the opportunity to see the school facilities, meet the staff and review the program on a first hand basis;
      • Disseminating building and room newsletters to parents on a regular basis;
      • Conducting meetings of parents and staff members to explain and discuss matters of general interest with regard to child‑school, child‑home, or child‑school‑home relationships;
      • Conducting meetings of staff member(s) and individual or groups of parents of those students who have special abilities/aptitudes, disabilities, needs or problems;
      • Sponsoring or co‑sponsoring special events of a cultural, ethnic or topical nature, which are initiated by parent groups, involve the cooperative effort of students and parents, and are of general interest to the schools or community;
      • Collaborating with parents, students and staff in school improvement planning, development and implementation; and
      • Providing interested parents of preschool children with information and/or training on successful parenting practices.


    For the benefit of children, the board believes that parents have a responsibility to encourage their child's performance in school by:


      • Supporting the schools in requiring that the children observe all school rules and regulations, and by accepting their own responsi­bility for children's willful in‑school behavior;
      • Sending children to school with proper attention to their health, personal cleanliness and dress;
      • Maintaining an active interest in the students' daily work and making it possible for the student to complete assigned homework through pro­viding a quiet place and suitable conditions for study;
      • Reading all communications from the school, and signing and returning them promptly when required;
      • Cooperating with the school in attending conferences set up for the exchange of information on the child's progress in school; and
      • Participating in in‑school activities and special functions.


    Stevens Elementary School Parent Involvement Policy

    Annual Title 1 / Learning Assistance Program (LAP) Parent Meeting

    During a PTO meeting in the fall, the Title 1 / LAP plan will be presented.  Changes in the plan from the previous year will be highlighted.


    Yearly Parent Meetings and Activities

    We strive to involve families in a variety of meaningful meetings and activities.  These meetings include but are not limited to:

    Open House

    PTO Meetings

    Family Activity Nights

    School Concerts and Performances




    Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

    The Aberdeen School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.


    The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:

      • David Glasier, Title IX Coordinator and Civil rights Compliance Coordinator, 216 North G St., Aberdeen, WA 98520; (360) 538-2222
      • David Glaiser, Section 504/ADA Coordinator, 216 North G St., Aberdeen, WA 98520; (360) 538-2017; dglaiser@asd5.org.



    You can report discrimination and discriminatory harassment to any school staff member or to the district's Civil Rights Coordinator, listed above. You also have the right to file a complaint. For a copy of your district’s nondiscrimination policy and procedures (5010/5010P), contact your school or district office or view it online here: http://www.asd5.org/{url?}



    Students and staff are protected against sexual harassment by anyone in any school program or activity, including on the school campus, on the school bus, or off-campus during a school-sponsored activity.


    Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior or communication that is sexual in nature when:

      • A student or employee is led to believe that he or she must submit to unwelcome sexual conduct or communications in order to gain something in return, such as a grade, a promotion, a place on a sports team, or any educational or employment decision, or
      • The conduct substantially interferes with a student's educational performance, or creates an intimidating or hostile educational or employment environment.


    You can report sexual harassment to any school staff member or to the district's Title IX Officer, who is listed above. You also have the right to file a complaint. For a copy of your district’s sexual harassment policy and procedures (5011/5011P), contact your school or district office, or view it online here: http://www.asd5.org.



    If you believe that you or your child have experienced unlawful discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or sexual harassment at school, you have the right to file a complaint.


    Before filing a complaint, you can discuss your concerns with the principal or with the school district’s Section 504 Coordinator, Title IX Officer, or Civil Rights Coordinator, who are listed above. This is often the fastest way to revolve your concerns.


    To view the district’s full complaint process you can access the nondiscrimination procedures and the sexual harassment procedures on the district’s webpage using the links above.




    Stevens Elementary Handbook Receipt Form


    This handbook is intended to be a general guide toward student behavior. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of rules. We believe it is our duty to try to provide a warm, caring environment for learning. We expect that students will give their best effort and treat others with kindness and respect. We view educating your child as an important task requiring teachers, parents, and your child to work together. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or call the office at 360-538-2150.


    We have read and understand Stevens Elementary School’s Student Handbook and agree to follow these rules and procedures.


    Student ___________________________________


    Parent/Guardian ____________________________


    Date _____________________________________


    *Please return this signed form to your child’s teacher.