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    Richelle Gonzalez
    Junior Class Counselor 
    Junior Year
    ♦Register to take the P/SAT in October.
    ♦Check dates of college speakers and attend presentations during advisory. 
    TIP: Start thinking about your strengths and skills in terms of what you may want to do in life.
    ♦Take the P/SAT to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship.
    ♦Attend the AHS career day and college fair on October 24th.
    ♦Refine your list of colleges; eliminate the ones that do not meet your criteria.
    ♦Request catalogs or see your counselor for schools remaining on your list; compare admissions policies;academic programs.
    ♦Make a point to see your counselor for interperation of the P/SAT. Discuss scores and areas for improvement.
    ♦Explore career fields of interest and what type of training is required. Try to talk to people in these fields.
    ♦Ask your counselor what schools offer the best programs for your area of interest.
    ♦Continue narrowing the number of schools in your file.
    ♦Talk to your counselor about the application process and setting up college visits.
    ♦Start peparing for Advanced Placement (AP) exams and sign up with your AP teacher to take them.
    ♦Register to take the SAT at www.collegeboard.org click this link to register for SAT and/or ACT at www.act.org click this link to register for ACT
    Taking them early will give you practice and allow you time to re-take them if you are not satisified with your scores.
    ♦Discuss "early decision" option with your counselor.
    ♦Take the SAT and/or ACT or register for the next testing -- this is the final opportunity to test for early fall decision.
    ♦Set up a job shadow for a career you are interested in. Have your advisory teacher approve your job shadow before you complete it and complete the reflection assignement to process.
    TIP: Discuss your list of favorite colleges or universities with your parents & counselor -- make arrangements for campus tours of your favorites. Discuss college cost & budget with parents.