Miller Junior High  Cell Phone Policy

    Cell Phone Policy
    School Board Policy 3245, cell phones and other telecommunication devices are not to be used during school hours.  However, students may bring their devices to school provided they adhere to the policy.  We have adopted the use of the Yondr pouch in Grades 6-12 as a way to allow students to keep their cell phones while also supporting a less stressful learning environment that encourages students to "Be Here Now."
    Every student will be assigned a Yondr pouch, similar to being assigned a textbook.  While the Yondr pouch is school property, each student is responsible for bringing their pouch with them to school every day.  Students keep the pouch in their book bag or backpack, so it won't be forgotten.
    School Entrance: As students enter the building, they will
    1.  Turn their phone off.
    2.  Unlock their empty Yondr pouch, using the unlocking base at the entrance to the building,
    3.  Place their phone inside their pouch, securely close it and store it.
    Each student will maintain possession of their cellphone inside their Yondr pouch for the duration of the school day.  Students arriving late will go through this process at the Main Office.
    School Exit: As students exit the building at the end of the day, they will
    1.  Unlock their pouch using one of the unlocking bases at a building exit.
    2.  Remove their phone from their pouch.
    3.  Securely close their empty pouch and place it in their backpack for the next day.