Miller Junior High  Electronics Policy

    We have updated our policy. The students are being asked to use cell phones in the cafeteria only before school, lunch time, and after school.
    No phones or headphones/ear buds can be used in the hallways, lockerrooms, or bathrooms.
    Students may follow "Zones" for the use of both their personal devices and school-issued devices (Chromebooks) in classrooms.
    Students will see posters around school designating the different zones. The yellow zone may initially present the most challenge for students. In these zones, the teacher may or may not allow the use of electronics. Students must ask permission before using electronics or be directed to do so by the adult in charge. Once students learn the different zones and understand the expectations in each of their classrooms, technology use will continue to be a seamless part of learning at Miller Junior High.
    If you have any questions about our electronics policy or the use of electronic devices at Miller, please stop by, email or call us. We are always happy to talk with families and make life at Miller the best experience for everyone. 

    Red Light Zones:RED

    These are areas that where electronics are restricted. These areas do not allow electronics to be in use or even visible.

    Locker Rooms, Rest Rooms, Hallways, and restricted testing areas are examples of Red Light Zones.


    Yellow Light Zones:YELLOW

    These are areas where electronics may be used by teacher/adult permission only. In these areas electronics may be visible but not in use unless permission or protocols have been established which permit the use.

    Classrooms and other highly structured areas are examples of Yellow Light Zones.


    Green Light Zones:GREEN

    These are areas where students are free to use their devices with adult supervision. Both personal and district owned devices are allowed in these areas. Students are always subject to the restrictions of the AUP and all established rules of Miller Junior High.

    The student center, after-school athletic events, dances, bus loading areas are examples of Green Light Zones


    Red Lights, Green Lights and Yellow Lights will be posted around our school to designate the different areas. More information is available in our student handbook or by calling our school.