• ASSIGNMENT BOARD: in the back of the room.  Your weekly assignments are posted here each Monday.

    Assignment Board

    SCHEDULE: The daily schedule and date are posted daily in the front of the classroom.


    POUCHES: Located by the door.  You can pick up your graded work from your classroom pouch.  You can also find any handouts that were passed out on a day you were absent.


    KITTY BOX: The "Kitty Box" is the basket on my desk where you turn in your work.  It is the ONLY place Ms. Portmann will look for your assignments.

    Kitty Box

    STUDENT SUPPLIES: In the back corner of the room, opposite the windows, students will find classroom supplies for their use.  Additionaly, the "mystery paper" basket is located here.  Papers that lack identifying information can be found here.


  • Students;

    Everything you need can be found somewhere in the room.  If you need something or have a question, look around and see if you can locate the item or answer.  Value being a problem solver rather than waiting for someone to initiate for you.  If your laptop is not working properly, do not wait until you need it for a quiz, take it to the library and ask for help.  High school is an amazing environment to grow, learn to advocate for your needs, and experiment with possibilities.