• 6th Grade Syllabus

    English Language Arts and Social Studies 


    Teacher: Mrs. Tracey

    Student Teacher: Mrs. Vanairsdale 

    Room: 102                             

    Phone: 360-538-2100

    E-Mail:  atracey@asd5.org 


    Welcome to Miller Jr. High! I am looking forward to an exciting year. I will be your teacher for two periods-- one period of ELA (English Language Arts) and one period of Social Studies. The primary focus at Miller Jr. High is to foster a learning environment in which students at all reading and writing skill levels may achieve their optimal success.. 

    English Language Arts (ELA):

    The 6th Grade ELA class will explore a variety of literature and genres with an emphasis on argumentative and informational/expository writing. We will use the textbook, My Perspectives: English Language Arts by Pearson as well as an online program called No Red Ink to improve grammar skills. 

    Homework Requirements: Students are required to keep a book of their choice to read at home and at school and brought to class daily. Books may be obtained from the school library, Timberland library, or from home. We will visit the library as a class once a month and students are encouraged to visit the library on their own as much as possible. Students are responsible for reading a minimum of 20 minutes each and every day. 


    Social Studies:

    In sixth grade, students are ready to deepen their understanding of the Earth and its peoples through the study of history, geography, politics, culture, and economic systems. Students begin their examination of the world by exploring the location, place, and spatial organization of the world’s major regions. This exploration is then followed by looking at world history from its beginnings. Students are given an opportunity to study a few ancient civilizations deeply. This will allow students to develop higher levels of critical thinking by considering why civilizations developed where and when they did and why they declined. Students analyze the interactions among the various cultures, emphasizing their enduring contributions and the link between contemporary and ancient worlds.   

    Course topics include:

    • World Geography
    • Ancient Civilizations
      • Mesopotamia
      • Egypt
      • Han China 
      • Greece
      • Rome 
      • Mayans
      • Aztecs  

    Homework Requirements: Students will be given sufficient time to complete assignments in class. If additional time is needed, students are expected to take work home as homework. 



    Cell Phone Policy:

    Phones are NOT ALLOWED for use in the classroom. Per school policy, students are allowed to use their phones before school, in the Student Center at lunch, or after school. 

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Follow the Bobkitten B’s: Be respectful, Be responsible, Be Safe, Be Successful 
    • Respect yourself, others, and property 
    • Take responsibility for your learning-- participate and do your best
    • Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings
    • Follow ALL school rules 

    Nobody has the right to take away from another student’s learning 

    Classroom Consequences: 

    If students are unable to follow classroom expectations the following actions will occur (please note that consequences are given based on the situation):

    • Redirect from teacher and reminder of the expectation
    • Changing seats or taking a break in a specified area
    • Contact home  
    • Lunch Detention 
    • Office referral 


    In order to keep updated on student progress, grades will be updated regularly and available on the Skyward Web Portal. If you need help accessing Skyward, please contact the office at 360-538-2100. For any questions or concerns, please contact me by e-mail or I am usually available by phone before or after school. I will try to return your message within 24 hours. 

    Absent/Missing Work: 

    Students are responsible to get any missing work and make up all work in a timely manner. A timely manner consists of one full week from the date of an excused absence. Up to half credit may be granted for further overdue work. 

    Grading Policy:

    All graded work is worth points that are averaged for a final grade. There are three categories that hold different weights:


    • Engagement and Collaboration 15%
    • Classwork/Projects 55%


    • Tests/Quizzes 30% 

    The majority of grades will be determined by performance on daily classwork and projects. Projects will emphasize students’ research, writing, and public speaking skills. More information on projects will become available at the beginning of corresponding units. Daily work includes assignments that help build student skills and knowledge prior to a test or project. Any work that is not completed by the assigned due date will need to be completed at home and is due the following school day for full credit. There will be an opportunity for test retakes if the score is less than 70%. Students may make an appointment to retake the test before or after school within a week.