• What Does a Counselor Do?

    As An Elementary Counselor, I help all children to be successful in school by:

    * Helping children build self-confidence.

    * Helping children develop social skills.

    * Helping children learn problem solving skills.

    * Helping children develop conflict resolution skills.

    * Helping children feel safe in a friendly, nurturing environment.

    * Encouraging children to be leaders and role models for other students.

    * Being an accepting, helpful person to whom children can turn.

    * Provide individual and small group counseling.

    * Conducting guidance class lessons

    * Implement a curriculum that focuses on building children's skills in areas such as: bullying prevention, tolerance and diversity, social skills, study skills, understanding feelings, problem solving, making friends, drug and alcohol prevention, career exploration and developing character traits such as responsibility.


    As An Elementary Counselor, I help school staff by:


    * Working with the Student Support Team.

    * Providing a holistic view of each child.

    * Being a resource and support through consultations.
    * Providing ideas and strategies to help students be successful.
    * Providing resource materials.

    * Being a liaison between home and school.


    As An Elementary Counselor, I help parents by:

    * Counseling with parents.

    * Advising parents of strategies for school support.

    * Providing resource materials.

    * Helping parents understand developmental growth of children.

    * Being a liaison between home, school and community.