• How to Use Zoom for Video Communications & Meetings


    Zoom sessions should be used for small group to large group video and/or audio meetings. 

    !!! Attention !!! Do not post a zoom url publicly as it may get "Zoom Bombed" by outside users, who will attempt to hijack the zoom session and show innapropriate content to all attendees.  See user update below for more information.

    Additional Guidance for using Zoom in the classroom has been posted. If you will be using zoom in a classroom environment please review the Best Practices and Classroom Workflow

    Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom
    A Message to Our Users (from Zoom)

    Zoom - is a web based video conferencing tool. You only need a zoom account if you plan on hosting zoom meetings. Anyone can attend a zoom meeting. In most cases the host of a zoom session will send you a link to join the Zoom meeting. 
    Prior to the meeting start time, click on the Zoom meeting link. Follow the on screen instructions to download and start the Zoom app. If you are unable to download and run the app, it may start in a web session instead.
    The process to start zoom is different depending on the device you are using to access the Zoom meeting. Chromebooks will need to add the Zoom app from the Chrome web store. In all cases, Zoom will guide you through this process, which can take about 2-5 minutes. 

    Attending a Zoom Session

    • You do not need a zoom account to attend a zoom meeting
    • The host of the zoom meeting should send you the link to the zoom session, which will include a meeting ID and possibly a password to connect to the meeting.
    • Click on the zoom meeting link, and follow the on screen directions to initiate the zoom session
    • Alternatively, if you know the Zoom meeting ID (and password if applicable) you can go to zoom.us and click Join Meeting to connect to the meeting

    Setting Up Your Zoom Account

    • Please be aware accounts are still being setup for staff 3-18-2020
    • You will recieve an activation email in your District email, click the active button, and then sign in using google
    • Once your account is activated you will be able to start using Zoom to host meetings

    Hosting a Zoom Meeting

    • Sign in to your zoom account at zoom.us
    • From the main page click Host a Meeting, or under My Account click Meetings and Schedule a new Meeting
    • Once scheduled you will be able to view the meeting link, ID and password to pass along to those who should attend the meeting

    Additional Help Guides from Zoom

    Camera not working in zoom

    Zoombombing - User Update 3/27/2020

    With the recent influx of mass zoom users, a new trend of Zoombombing is becoming a norm. Zoombombing is where an outside users connects to a publicly posted zoom event/session and attempts to hijack the meeting, often displaying inappropriate content. You can view the articles below for more information on the issue. 
    The following practices should be followed when hosting a zoom meeting:
    • Never post a zoom url/join info publicly, only share with those who will be attending
    • Enable the waiting room to make sure only valid users/guest are able to join
    • Only turn on "anyone can share" when needed during the zoom session as needed