• We will be using Math XL.  You will find this product in you pearson easy bridge icon on your chromebook.  I will be pushing resouces to you so you can keep your skills during your time at home and earn credit if you would like.  Feel free to email me with questions I will be checking my email throughout the day from 8-3.  Monday thru Thursday beginning on March 23rd.


    Access to Algebra Resources Math XL

    1.  Pearson Successnet/EasyBridge (link on your desktop)

    2.  Log in using your Skyward Information

    3.  On the left side under "classes" expand Algebra 1B or 1C (depending on the class you are enrolled in) drop down menu.  (arrow)

    4.  Click Math XL for Schools.

    5. Click Homework and tests.

    6.  You should see a review resources here. 



    Do not forget:

    1.  Pearson realize has some great videos for each example problem

    2.  Khan Academy would be a great resource as well.