Important Information

    A. Here are the necessary codes for google classroom and Remind101:

    • Nursery Landscape Design---4i645c4           Remind: text 81010 enter this message: @bdbh9a and send
    • Greenhouse Mgt.---7dtrl22                            Remind: text 81010 enter this message: @743fk44 and send
    • Earth Science (Integrated B)---psl42wn       Remind: text 81010 enter this message; @bgf3ce and send

    In addition, Earth Science (Integrated B) has an online textbook McGraw-Hill Education "Inspire Earth Science". Student log in is their school email and password is their four digit fs code that includes the first letter of their first and last name followed by the four digit code. If you cannot log on email me and I can help.

    B. My email contact:  mmachowek@asd5.org 

    C. Check the link below EVERY Monday to see the weeks lessons, instructions for turning in work and due dates: 

    Week of April 13 Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of April 20 Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of April 27 Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of May 4th Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of May 11th Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of May 18th Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of May 26th Lesson Plans for ALL Classes

    Week of June 8th Lesson Plans for ALL Classes


    D. For interest, check out Gardening vLog #1 on Cleft grafting and vLog #2 on Pumpkin Seed saving on google classroom for Nursery Landscape and Greenhouse Mgt.!!! More to come! Tell me what you think!

    E. March 30---UPDATE---NEW INTEL--PLEASE READ!!!

    Per District Policy, beginning April 13th, students will be offered the opportunity to earn credit. If you satisfy the educator's classroom requirements you will earn a "P" for credit. Otherwise you WILL NOT earn credit (NC "no credit") and depending on the class may be required to REPEAT the class.

    F. Online Expectations for Credit (The following are expectations to EARN credit beginning on Monday, April 13th):

    Online Expectations and Grading Criteria for NL and GH only. Integrated B grading is found in Google Classroom.

    G. We will meet every Monday via Zoom                     Meeting ID             Password

    Greenhouse Mgt period 1 will meet at 8:10 am--------317-238-382              571621

    Greenhouse Mgt period 2 will meet at 9:20 am--------161-540-530              973448

    Nursery Landscape will meet at 12:02 pm--------------760-857-773              677627

    Integrated B will meet at 1:44 pm-----------------------190-274-416              947350

    The purpose of the zoom--besides connecting---is to provide instruction AND answer questions that you may have about anything but hopefully about class content for the weeks lessons/activities. Simply google zoom. Select join a meeting and eneter the correct ID and password. Done!

     H. For fun check this out for April 2. See if you can win-----why not?              https://quiz.judgingcard.com/QuizBowl


     I. Use this link if you want to create an electronic illustration-----Illustration Link