• What has Mrs. Powell been doing?

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 5/3/2020 4:30:00 PM

    Mrs. Powell has been busy!

    I am still calling parents and hope to be done this week.  I am attending lots of zoom trainings and meetings.  I am also working on IEPs and having IEP meetings on zoom!  I didn't know so many things could be done using zoom.  It's pretty amazing.  Not easy or ideal, but amazing.  

    What I am finding is that everything I do takes time.  Everything is different.  The little things I could do quickly in a school setting suddenly takes longer because I am lacking the resources to do things the way I use to.  It's getting better, but wow!  It's so different, and working from home is not my ideal setting for sure.  I do enjoy taking my dogs out for recess though!  My daughter is finishing up her semester at WSU from home.  She's doing finals from home this week.  My son is doing his online learning as well.  My husband still goes to work, so we are just continuing to stay home and stay healthy.  

    Please email me if you need support.  I am always available 7-4 Monday through Thursday. If I am in a meeting, I will get back to you as soon as I can.  i miss you all so very much--students and families!  



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  • Continuous Learning Plans

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 4/20/2020 8:05:00 AM

    What is a Continuous Learning Plan?

    During school facility closure, we want to make sure families have what they need so learning can still take place.  Each child that I work with will have a Continuous Learning Plan.  A Continuous Learning Plan is not an IEP, nor does it replace an IEP.  Instead, it helps me work with families to see what the kids need for learning at home.  We can look at ideas to align with your child's goals and talk about what is working and what is not working.  

    Please be patient.  Calling each family will take time.  My hours are 8-3 Monday through Thursday this week, and after that they will be 7-4 Monday through Thursday.  I will also be having IEP meetings, so if we haven't had your child's meeting yet, I will work with you to plan that.  

    As I was explaining to someone, I have limitations as far as facilities and resources. I can't go to the building to make copies.  I can't even get into the building.  Please keep that in mind as we come up with ideas for your child.  A few more things about the phone calls:

    1.  I'd like to limit them to 15 minutes.  I'm a talker (I know!) but in order to get through these, I need to try to talk to as many people as possible.  

    2.  If your child has OT or Speech, they will also be part of this plan.

    3.  Timing:  If you have a specific time you want me to call, please let me know!  I will do my best to accommodate you.  I don't want to call at a bad time.  

    I know I am ready to work with you!  I just had to wait for guidance from the state on what this would look like.  Let's do this!

    Mrs. Powell



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  • A new week!

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 4/13/2020 7:15:00 AM

    Welcome back to school!  Well, sort of...

    This week we start online learning.  Please check yoru teacher's pages for your child's assignments.  If you need additional support, email your child's teach and include me in the email.  

    Have a great week!  I leave you with a picture of how I spent my Spring Break. It was all about the dogs :)  --Mrs. Powell



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  • Phone Calls!

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 3/31/2020 11:30:00 AM

    Great News!  

    We can now call families between 8-3 Mondays-Thursdays!  The call will be through my computer, but it will be to your phone.  The call may show up as NO ID or BLOCKED CALL.  If it goes to voicemail, I'll leave a message.  I will try to call over the next few days, so I just wanted you to be aware that might happen.  

    I hope you are all still doing well.  At my house, I have a college student (she had to move home) doing online learning, a sixth grader doing online learning, and I am working from home.  My husband's job is considered essential, so he is still working.  So far, we are all doing great!  

    I leave you with another picture of Khloe.  She's really turning into a handful, but we are having a lot of fun with her.  

    --Mrs. Powell



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  • Raz Kids, Teachers, and my new friend!

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 3/30/2020 10:45:00 AM


    Every student I work with for reading has a Raz Kids account.  Raz Kids is part of the Reading A to Z online program.  I use this with the students to work on comprehension, close reading, and fluency.   When the kids log in, they are placed at their working level.  This is what we typically do in class when we use Raz Kids. 

    1.  Choose a story.

    2.  Listen to the story.

    3.  Read the story to themselves.

    4.  Record themself reading for 1 minute.

    5.  Take a quiz (they can go back to the story if needed; you can read the questions to them if needed)


    I am awarding stars for recordings!  The stars are like incentive points.  They can use the stars to make a robot or rocket. The stars are always on right now, so make sure your kids feel rewarded for their hard work!  I hope more kids will use this.  I MISS LISTENING TO THEM READ!

    Working with Teachers

    I am reporting back to classroom teachers each week on the usage of the sites that I give to kids from my program.  The teachers will be working more on giving assignments.  If your child needs support, let the classroom teacher and myself know, and we will figure out appropriate accommodations and/or modifications.  I am spending today reviewing the work and engagement.  If you need passwords, please email me at jpowell@asd5.org.



    Meet Khloe!  Khloe is a rescue dog.  She has had a hard life in her short 5 months. We adopted her on Friday.  She's 3/4 blue lacy and 1/4 lab. 


    Khloe, the newest addition to the Powell Family!  Born 10/8/19, Adopted 3/27/20

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  • How to create structure for learning at home

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 3/26/2020 9:30:00 AM

    Most of you know, I'm a parent as well.  At this time, my daughter has moved home from college due to Covid-19 and must do her classes online.  Then my son, a 6th grader, also needs to be doing learning activities, and I am working in the basement.  The college kid manages herself, but how can I manage my 6th grader while I'm working?  Here's what is working for me so far:

    The first day he kind of explored all the sites.  I admit, as a parent, all of these resources can be a bit overwhelming.  Which ones should we do?  How often?  Are we doing this right?  The great part of this is that YOU get to choose what is right for your child, and I am here to guide and help as I can.  While I can't give "assignments", I can guide our kids and help you help them.  But you might be like me, working from home, and you can't watch your kid for 4 hours do online learning!  I get it!  I'm in the same boat.   

    My son is routine-oriented.  He likes a schedule.  So once we had made sure he could log into everything, I started narrowing it down.  At first I made his schedule, but after a few days, now HE has input.  When he wakes up, he comes to me, and WE make a schedule together.  I might say, "What do you want to do for math today?" or "What would you like to do first?" I make his schedule in 20-30 minute segments (he is in 6th grade--younger kids might need 15-20 min segments).  I make sure there is math, reading, and writing; plus reading in a book.  He likes to put in band!  Great!  He gets 1/2 hour of band each day.  If your child likes PE, great!  Add that in.  I even include lunch, which then gives him a defined time of when he will eat everyday.  AND BREAKS!  Don't forget to schedule a few breaks.  So our schedule goes for four hours.  Am I doing it right?  I don't know!  What I do know is that each day, my son is getting all the academic areas, art/band, and a routine.  It works for us.  One of our social studies actvities is watching current events, then he summarizes it.  It's small, but it works!  Maybe find a youtube video of something your child is interested, then have them write about it.  Today his writing is also to email all of his teachers.  Believe me, hearing from our students (and parents) makes our day!  

    I hope by sharing my ideas it stems some ideas for you.  Structure for our kids is very important, but it doesn't have to be harder than it already can be.  Let your child help you create their schedule.  Choices and compromise are great for kids!  Again, I am available for ANY help or direction you might need.  I am available 8-3 via email Monday through Thursday.  

    I miss you all!

    Mrs! Powell


    PS: I actually have something EXCITING planned this weekend, but I don't want to jinx it.  I can't wait to share it with you on Monday if it goes well!  

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  • Keep those emails coming!

    Posted by Jolene Powell on 3/25/2020 2:15:00 PM

    I have received a few emails from parents requesting log ins!  Keep them coming!

    I am available Monday-Thursday 8-3 to help you.  Email is still our best method of communication.  Today we had our first staff meeting on Zoom.  It was fun to see everyone's faces and to be able to talk to each other. A.J. West really is the best!

    I look forward to hearing from you, both parents and students!  My email is jpowell@asd5.org

    Mrs. Powell


    This is my pug Maverick.  He is 10 years old.  Maverick likes food, people, and toys!

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  • A New Way to Communicate!

    Posted by Mrs. Jolene Powell on 3/24/2020 10:15:00 AM

    Hello Families!

    First of all, I miss my students and families.  I cannot begin to express what an amazing year this has been with so many wonderful students and families.  To have it come to an abrupt stop has been hard on all of us.  However, I am optimistic that we can find ways to make this work!  As things change daily, I wanted to have a way to update families as we get through this together.  

    Please check out the online resources that I have posted.  Email me at jpowell@asd5.org to get your child's usernames and passwords.  I will add to this list as I learn more, but I want to keep it manageable.  

    I hope you are all well!   --Mrs. Powell


    This is Molly.  She is one of my 10-year old pugs.  Her vet just put her on a diet.  She is less than impressed, but she is loving that all of us are home much more!  

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