• Home Workouts

    Here are some workouts for you to perrform. Good luck and have fun


    Here is some more exercises for you to do on your own while you are at home

    you can do these exercise as we do speed man or you can do them in Sets and Reps

    1. Step ups.  Before you do step up please ask your parents about what you are stepping up on.

    2. sit-ups, crunches, plank, oblique crunches, mason twist, pequins

    3. push ups

    4. line jumps(skier, bell, X)

    5. box jumps find anything you can jump over

    6. Eric hidens

    7. split Jumps or lunge walks

    8. Body Squats

    9. Bench Dips, on a chair or on the couch

    please be safe and stay healthy.