• How to Update ASD5 Staff Web Page

    UPDATE: 1/10/2022 The ASD5 Website Guide has been posted and is now available for reference and on-demand training. 

    ASD5 Website Sign In - Accounts: To sign in to the ASD5 website you will use your ASD5 Network(AD) account. This is the same account that would be used on a district device/laptop/desktop. It is not your email, or login that would be used on a chromebook. If you have any issues signing in to the ASD5 website, please send a request to Techrequest@asd5.org.

    Editing a Web Page

    • Sign in to the ASD5.org webpage, (top right, sign-in button)
    • Once signed in, if you have editing rights to a page, section or channel the sign in button will say: User Options
    • Under User Options click on Site Manager
    • Pages, Section, Channels and Sites that you have access to will be shown on the left side menu
      1. If you only have access to a single page, you will not have a left side menu
    • Once you have located the page you want to edit, click on it and then click on the app/section you want to edit. This will be a gray box, typically named Content Widget, this will open the page editor
    • Use the page editor to make changes to the page
    • Click Save, and then visit the website and look at the page to view your changes and make sure they are accurate. You may need to refresh the page to view any saved changed. 

    Other Tips working with the Page Editor

    • While the page editor may look and act similar to other document editing programs, keep in mind it's function is to take what you have created and turn it into code which is used by your browser. Many times, the result between what you create in the Editor and what you see on the page will be slightly different. In some cases, it can be drastically different. Always check pages after they have been updated. 
    • Best practice for creating pages: Type in all your content, after it is all on the page, then come back and apply any formatting that is desired. Applying formatting while adding content often results in issues on the page. 
    • In some cases after multiple edits and formatting changes, it may become easier to clear out the page and start over if the formatting isn't doing what is desired. In this case copy your content to a word doc, or google doc, clear the page in the editor, save it and then rebuild the page. 
    • Avoid posting copyrighted materials (unless there is specific approval for doing so from publishers), and large media content which may be difficult to access on all types of connections. Google Classroom is often a better medium for such content. 

    For any issues with page editing, page formatting, etc. please email Matt Mahon, mmahon@asd5.org with a description of the problem and link to the page being updated.