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    Grade 7 ELA Course Syllabus 2021-22
    Mrs. Holly Furth
    Rm 108

    Welcome to what I hope will be a challenging and exciting year! In this class, we will strive to become master readers and writers. As an active learner, you should begin by identifying your strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, and critical thinking. Throughout the school year, you will seize the opportunity to begin thinking about goals you will work towards accomplishing in ELA (English Language Arts) this year. I hope at least one of your goals will include trying new things such as exploring an unfamiliar genre in reading, working on your communication skills, or attempting a new writing format. My main goal is to help you achieve yours. I look forward to working with you and your parent to accomplish a successful 7th grade school year!

    Mission Statement
    The primary focus of the ELA program at Miller Junior High School is to foster a learning environment in which students whose reading and writing skills that are below 7th-grade standard, meeting standard, or above standard may achieve success at their optimal level.

    Course Description
    7th grade ELA classes will explore a variety of literature with an emphasis on informational/expository and argumentative writing.

    Class Texts
    We will be working with the following novel units:  Walk Two Moons, The Cay, My Side of the Mountain, and The Outsiders (Not necessarily in this order)

    Homework Requirements
    Students are required to keep a book of their choice to read at home and at school, and brought to class daily. Students will be required to maintain their daily classwork and try to adhere to assignment deadlines to the best of their ability.  Students will have access to these assignments through our district Canvas platform for their convenience should your child need to stay home for any reason necessary. 

    I follow the Miller Junior High grading policy, which can be viewed in the Student Handbook. All graded work is given a point value, and points are totaled for a final grade. 

    A 4.0 93-100 Exceeds Standard   High Honors
    A- 3.7 90-92.9
    B+ 3.3 87-89.9
    B 3.0 83-86.9 Meets Standard     Honor Roll
    B- 2.7 80-82.9
    C+ 2.3 77-79.9
    C 2.0 73-76.9 Approaching Standard
    C- 1.7 70-72.9
    D+ 1.3 67-69.9
    D 1.0 60-66.9
    F 0.0 0.0-59.9
    Inc. No Evidence of Learning

    *If you’re not earning the grades you want from me, I am not receiving the quality of work I want from you! This philosophy means that each student is responsible for earning his or her own grades. I do not give student grades, so if you do not earn a grade on an assignment you felt you deserved, it's your responsibility to look over your work using the rubrics provided for each assignment, or conference with me to determine where improvement is needed making revisions and corrections, and then resubmitting the assignment if possible.  Makeup quizzes/tests may be taken before or after school.  Students who want to improve their score on a quiz/test may have one opportunity to retake the quiz/test and receive up to a B+ for their final score.

    Required Class Materials
    Large binder with class dividers, pencils, pens, Hi-lighters (Green, Yellow, & Pink), Post-It Notes, colored pencils or markers, a pouch to store small materials, and college-ruled notebook paper.  Most if not all supplies are being provided by Miller.   A book to read when assignments are completed is essential for when students need something a little extra to do when finished with classwork. The extra reading material can be obtained through our school library, other libraries, or from home.

    Extra Help and Study Time
    I’m available for extra help before and after school if a student makes arrangements with me, and their parent for transportation ahead of time. MJH offers an after-school program for students who would like extra assistance with their work. Keep a lookout for future sign-ups!  Snacks and a bus ride home are provided. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 360-538-2100 ext.5931 or email at hfurth@asd5.org for any questions or concerns that may arise.


    Please sign and return the class syllabus by Friday, Sept. 10th!
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