• Hello Period 3 & 4 ELA Students!  Please check your email and grade book every day.  I will be available Monday-Thursday from 7 AM-4 PM, by email hfurth@asd5.org. 

    Please find your "new assignments" in Google Classroom for the class period you have with me beginning on June 8th - June 17th. This is a two-week assignment!

    Remember: You must be logged into your Google Account to access Google Classroom. (Use your school email!) If you haven't signed in and joined your classroom yet, use the code below to get in.  

    The "Google Classroom Code" for ELA P. 3 is - rer6srl   The "Google Classroom Code" for ELA P. 4 is - cydfhs3 

    Schedule for the week of 6/15-6/19
    Monday:  Do the Ch. 10 & 11 Climax of the Novel assignment.  Then, do the "Free Write" for Ch. 12 on slide 6/ page 6 and type/write your answer on slide 7/page 7.  
    Tuesday: Begin reading Ch. 12 if you haven't yet. 
    No "Virtual Class" today during ELA Class.  Please see me during your WSH Class for questions.
    Wednesday: Do the Ch. 10-12 Vocabulary Quiz on slide 12/ page 12.
    Thursday: Finish reading Ch. 12 and take the Ch. 12 Quiz on slide 15/ page 15.
    Turn in your Ch. 10-12 Packet #4, it is Due Today! I will not accept any packets after 4 PM today.
    Friday: ELA Grades are posted by 7 AM today!
    Schedule for the week of 6/1-6/5
    First, do the "Free-Write" for Ch. 10 on page 4/slide 4 and write/type it on page 7/ slide 7.  Then find the link to Chapter 10 and begin reading.
    Tuesday: Continue reading chapter 10 until finished.  Do the Vocabulary page 8/ slide 8. Take the Ch. 10 Quiz on page 13/ slide 13.
    No more "Virtual Class" for ELA.  If you have questions please ask them during "Virtual Class" for WSH.
    Wednesday: Do the next Vocabulary Ch. 10-12 on page 9/ slide 9.  Do the "Free Write" for Ch. 11 on page 5/ slide 5 and write/type it on page 7/ slide 7.
    Thursday: Read Ch. 11 of The Outsiders.
    Friday: Continue reading Ch. 11 until finished, and then take the Quiz for Ch. 11 on page 14/ slide 14.
    Dear Families and Students,
    We have been hearing concerns from students and families that the learning opportunities may be overwhelming for some and not challenging enough for others. In order to meet your family's needs, we have decided to level our instructional learning opportunities for 7th grade English Language Arts.
    If your family is feeling overwhelmed, we recommend that your student does option #1.
    Option  #1 will have the students reading the assigned chapters from The Outsiders and take the Vocab Quiz and the one of the  Chapter Quizzes that are found in the packet.
    Option #2 included Option #1's work and has the students complete the Vocabulary pages and do 2 of the 3 Free Write prompts.
    Option #3 would be to do all of the assigned work in the packet.
    If your child still needs more challenge please let us know and we can assign specific lessons for them in NOREDINK.COM or in Imagine Learning.
    Our goal is not to cause undue stress on your family. Please do what is comfortable and within your ability levels. We are here to help, please contact us with any concerns. 
    If you need extra to do you can do some of the activities below:

    1. Read an interesting book for about 45 minutes or more each day.

    2. Go on Scholastic:https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html?promo_code=6294&eml=CM%2Fsmd%2F20200312%2F%2Ftxtl%2Ffacebook%2Fed&linkId=84223338

    3. Go on No Red Ink  noredink.com 

    4. Go on MobyMax - Miller Jr High:  https://www.mobymax.com/wa2088 (I heard this link has ELA (English/Language Arts activities.)

    Log on information for Moby Max is user name: first initial last initial lunch number, for example, mine would be hf11111. Your password is mobymax. It is case sensitive.    

    If your Internet is sketchy, you can pick up work packets Monday through Friday from 10 AM-12 PM at the meal pick-up locations.  Also, when you finish them you can turn them in at the same locations, and administrators will get them to me later. If you do packets and you have a phone, please take a picture and email your work to me at hfurth@asd5.org.  Thanks!
    • North End Park - 1500 Young Street  Aberdeen
    • Central Park Elementary - 601 School Road Aberdeen
    • Finch Park - 608 Sumner Avenue Aberdeen
    • Pioneer Park - 214 S. Tilden Street Aberdeen
    • Wes Peterson Park/Playfield - Bay Avenue, West Aberdeen