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    The textbook we use is Grammar in Context 2 
    week of April 13: The theme for this unit is generations. The first Lesson works with the theme of retirement and what people choose to do in their later years. The grammar works with the Present Continuous and its use. 
    week of April 20: Lesson 2 discusses technology savvy across generations. The grammar works with when to use Present Continuous vs. Simple Present tense. 
    week of April 27: Lesson 3 discussed the future of the U.S. population. The grammar works with the future using will and be going to and If clauses. 
    week of May 4: Wrap up the unit with the test review, editing practice, and a short writing assignment. 
    week of May 11: Test of vocabulary for the unit in which students must use context clues and their knowledge of the vocabulary. 
    week of May 18: The theme for unit 3 is Failure and Success. The first lesson looks at explorers who learned from failure. 
    week of May 26: Lesson 2 looks at a person who learned to read at age 98. 
    week of June 1: Lesson 3 looks at a person who tried to swim from Cuba to Florida and succeed after 5 attempts over 35 years. 
    week of June 8: Lesson 4 looks at the Civil Rights Movement.