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    Our text book is Grammar In Context: Basic
    week of April 13: The theme for Unit 6 is school.  Lesson 1 is about food service at school. The grammar is working with the modal verbs must and have to. 
    week of April 20: Lesson 2 is about school lunch service and favorite food. The grammar is working with count and noncount nouns and quantity expressions with noncount nouns. 
    week of April 27: Continue Lesson 2. The grammar is working with when to use expressions like a lot of, much, a little, some, and any. 
    week of May 4: Lesson 3 is about school supplies. The grammar is continuing with expressions like some, any, a lot of, much, many, a few, and a little. 
    week of May 11: Continue Lesson 3. Continue grammar with ch.  How many vs. How much
    week of May 18: Wrap up Unit 6: modals worksheet and review
    week of May 26: Start Unit 7: The theme is buying necessary things. The grammar is working with prepositions.
    week of June 1: Lesson 1 has working with prepositions of place and time. 
    week of June 8: a short mini-lesson to gain some vocabulary on ailments