• myged.com  This is the website you use at school to take pretests.  When Brian or I give you a pretest code, use this site.


    Virtual nerd.  This is a series of YouTube videos for math.  When you go to the site, you can select from different topics.  So, if you're having trouble with an assignment in your GED book, you can find the topic and watch a video for help.


    Light and Salt LearningThis is another You Yube channel. It has an area specifically for GED math and the GED Language Arts extended response. Also included is a section for the scientific method, which is covered on the GED test.


    IXL - Many of you have used this in your neighborhood school. You will receive a letter in the mail with your user name and password.  Simply log on and work in any area that you would like. **Login and passwords may be changing, so stay tuned for more info!


    New Readers Press GED test Prep. This is a bit complicated to get started, but well worth it. At this time, you can get 90 days free access to Pearson Publishing online test prep - these are the same folks who publish the test, so it's sure to be closely related to the actual test. When you get to the page, scroll down and click on the request a trial button, and go from there. It may take a day or so for them to send you the link you need to get started.


    Kahn Academy.  Remains a top site for help with math, and is branching out into other subject areas. I may provide you with a class code so that you can work on specific skills. However, an easy way to use this site as a resource is to simply use search to type in a specific skill, such as multiplying fractions, and you will be able to view a video demonstration and instruction on that topic.