• Hosting a Zoom Classroom Session 

    Best Practices and Workflow

    Based upon the Northshore Zoom PD video (please note guidance in the video reflects the policies and procedures of Northshore School District and not ASD5)

    Best Practices: 

    • Find a Co-host
      •  A co-host can assist with admitting users to the session and monitoring during the session so the host can focus on the content of the session
    • Use the Waiting room
      • The waiting room prevents unauthorized users from accessing the session and can be helpful in preventing zoom bombing. It can also be used as a time out space should it be necessary
    • Lock the Session
      • This prevents anyone else from joining the session, if waiting room enabled, may not be as necessary, but in some cases and smaller group meetings which do not rely on the meeting room, the session should be locked once all attendees have joined. 
    • Bump to Waiting Room (if action is necessary)
      • Can be used to temporarily move users out of the sesison which can be re-admitted later

    Schedule Zoom Session:

    1. Go to Zoom.US > Sign In > Meetings
    2. Schedule New Meeting
      1. Enter Topic, Description, Time, Duration
      2. Meeting ID (automatically generate)
      3. Meeting Password (optional - reminder always use waiting room)
      4. Video (preferred off by default)
      5. Meeting Options (always Enable Waiting Room)
      6. Set alternative hosts if applicable (must have asd5 email)
    3. Add to Google Calendar (if preferred)
    4. Send meeting url/password to students, co-host, OR post meeting URL/info inside secure location, i.e. google classroom for students to access (Never post Zoom Meeting information publically or on the ASD5 website.)

    Starting Class Zoom Session:

      1. Start Zoom Session just prior to scheduled time
      2. Check Chat Settings (i.e. set to host only, etc.)
        1. Chat Window, bottom right three dots
      3. Check Mute Participants upon Entry settings
        1. Participants Window, More button
        2. This is also where you can allow participants to rename themselves
      4. Message Waiting Room if Applicable (note: message room notifications do not work on chromebook)
      5. Check Student Screen Names and then Admit Students to Session from Waiting Room, or Admit All if valid
      6. Lock the Zoom Session once all users have joined or by set time, i.e. 5 mins after start time (participants window, More Button, Lock Window)

    Monitor During Zoom Session

    1. Appropriate Screen Names (should be done prior to admitting, do not leave allow participants to rename themselves enabled-participants window)
    2. Appropriate Backgrounds 
    3. Appropriate Clothing
    4. Appropriate Interactions

    Mediation Tools During Zoom Session

    1. Rename (participants window, hover user, more, rename)
    2. Mute (participants window, hover user, mute)
    3. Stop Video (participants window, hover user, more, stop video)
    4. Put in Waiting Room (participants window, hover user, more, put in waiting room)
    5. Remove ((participants window, hover user, more, remove)