• Learning Activity Ideas


    1. Alphabet flashcards- name letters, name letter sounds, spell first name

     Letters we have practiced are M, P, F, C, T, S, D, L, A

    1. Number cards- name numbers, put numbers in order
    2. Addition cards- These are to MODEL using blocks. 1 block + 3 blocks = 4 blocks.
    3. Blocks- counting them pointing to each block, “give” a specific number of blocks like “give me” 3, create patterns like red/blue/red/blue or green green/orange/green green/orange
    4. Rhyme- rhyme words even if the words are non-sense
    5. Listen for beginning sounds- “This is mat. This is hat. Which one begins with /m/.
    6. Tracing letters- We start our letters at the top. Encourage correct formation.
    7. Tracing shapes- Again, we start at the top. Squares are traced down, down, over, over.
    8. Copy name, copy letters- this is a little challenging but we are working toward this skill
    9. Draw a person- including as many body parts as possibleCutting out shapes
    10. Coloring- using small movements, trying to stay within lines and using appropriate colors
    11. Count- some are counting to 3, others 10, some 25 and some 40
    12. Play- play games, play with toys, talk about your play, take turns, share.
    13. Play dough- make shapes, letters, numbers
    14. Chores- have your child help with chores, matching socks, set table, fold small laundry items
    15. Exercise- go for walks, dance
    16. Read- read to your child each day
    17. Sing- sing songs
    18. Ball skills- practice catching and kicking
    19. Have fun!