• Dear OT families, April 16, 2020

    I wanted to send a quick email to touch base with how things are going at home. I miss all of my students and can’t wait for the time that we can all get back together! These are certainly crazy times and I hope that through all of this we can find something good/positive to reflect on as we look back through all the chaos.

    I know suddenly being thrust into homeschooling your child can be quite a daunting task. Please know that myself and the entire school staff are willing to help in any way we can. Let us know if you need supplies, therapeutic equipment, ideas, teaching tools/ tips, anything that will help your child get their needs met and that will allow your child to access the school work that is coming home. There will be lots of OT resources coming soon to the main district website under the Occupational Therapy heading. Hoping to get this up by mid to late next week. So be on the lookout!

    I am available through my email at tpalmer@asd5.org if you any have questions related to your child’s therapeutic needs or if even if you have other question related to the school closure, feel free to contact me.

    I look forward to hearing from you and your child.

    Tina Palmer, OTR/L Occupational Therapist tpalmer@asd5.org


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