• Chromebook Signing In

    The first step to signing into a chromebook is to turn on the chromebook. In some cases, the Chromebook may start up when you lift the screen and open the Chromebook. If not you will need to press the power button, located in the top right corner on the keyboard. 

    Chromebook Power Button

    Next you may need to connect to a wifi network. If you see the Network not Available window, select your home wifi and connect to it. You may need to know your wifi password to connect to your home wifi. 

    chromebook wifi page

    Once connected to a wifi network you will be able to sign in. Enter your students ASD5 email where it says Enter your Email, please note that the chromebook already has the @asd5.org at the end of the box, so you do not need to add it. Only email accounts which end in ASD5.org can sign in to ASD5 Chromebooks. Student emails will be in the format: grad year.lastname.first initial, i.e. 20.smith.j

    Chromebook Email Login

    Next enter the students password where it says Enter your Password. The students password will be either a password assigned by their teacher (grades K-3) or their Skyward password (grades 4-8). If you are unable to sign in because of incorrect password, please contact your students teacher for assistance. 

    Chromebook Password

    If you see the Chromebook desktop (your background may be different) then you are logged in.

    Chromebook Desktop