• ASL I Lesson Plans June 2020

    Week of June 1st

    Week 7 Lyric Assignment - Students will translate their song lyrics in either a Word or Google Doc and submit them in Google Classroom by Sunday June 7th.

    Week of June 8th

    Week 8 Songs Due - Final

    Songs are due by 11:59 PM on June 14th and you will turn them in via Flipgrid. For seniors, your songs are due by the 12th.

    Week of June 15th

    Week 9 Make-up -

    Students may submit or resubmit for a higher grade any assignment they are missing. These are due by Thursday June 18th.


    ASL I  Lesson Plans April & May

    *  This plan may change based on whether more or less time needs to be devoted to a specific unit or topic. 

    Week of April 13th

    Week 1 Video Assignment – Log in to Flipgrid and tell me what you have been doing over the last few weeks using current vocabulary. Remember to practice before posting the video. I will be the only one who can see them.

    Week 1 Assignment - Read through the following Tips and then make an introduction post answering the following questions:
    1) Who are you?
    2) How life is going for you and are you keeping your distance?
    3) How are you combating the feelings of isolation?
    4) After reading all of the tips provided, which ones do you feel will be the most beneficial and why?
    * Note: These tips have been compiled from a group of successful online learners over a span of 20 years and will help you be a success if you follow them.


    Week of April 20th

    Week 2 Parameter Assignment- Pick 10 vocabulary words that you have had a hard time remembering the sign for. Complete the Parameter Chart for each sign. Write English sentences for each work. Then sign them in Flipgrid.

    Week 2 Culture Assignment - For this week your task is to research Deaf Culture and write a post answering the following questions:
    1) What is Deaf Culture?
    2) Is Deaf culture comparabe to other cultures? Why or why not?
    3) Is hearing a culture? Why or why not?
    4) What was your biggest take-away from your research?
    Please note your sources for your information.


    Week of April 27th

    Quiz on Monday via Zoom

    Week 3 Song Choice - This trimester you will be required to sign a song as part of your final. We will do this in stages.
    1) Pick a song. It needs to be a song you really like, and you will need to know the song really well by the time you sign it. It must be school appropriate, and your choice needs to be approved by me.
    2) You will translate the song into ASL or PSE.
    3) You will get feedback on your song and work to improve.
    4) You will submit your song via Flipgrid by June 5th.
                  This week assignment is to pick your song.

    Week 3 Translate - Translate the given sentences on a Google Doc and then write 5 of your own and translate, post it in GC.


    Week of May 4th

    Quiz Thursday  

    Week 4 Culture Assignment-

    Week 4 Vocabulary Practice - Part 1: You will practice signing with 1 -4 other students using  Zoom or a video chat program of your choice.

    • You will sign the vocabulary from the current Unit.
    • Also, have a conversation in ASL, without using your book, and tell each other about your week, or anything else you may want to talk about, in ASL.
    • Include the sentences you made in this weeks assignment.

    Part 2: "How it Went" Prepare and submit a written (typed in Google Docs) report  based on your signing experience covering the following items:

    • Name of your signing partner
    • How did it go and why?
    • Type up 3 of your partner's sentences.
    • How long did it take?
    • Do you have any questions or concerns?


    Week of May 11th

    Week 4 Vocabulary Review and Unit Test

    Week 4 Idiom Assignment - For this week’s assignment you will be learning about idioms.

    In your post you will: Define exactly what an idiom is and how we use them in English.

    Then you will pick an idiom, explain why you chose this one and define it.

    Once you have answered these questions you will need a sheet of paper. Fold it in half and on the left side you will draw what the idiom literally says and on the right side you will draw what it means. After you are done, take a picture of your picture and upload it along with your post.

    Which picture do you think you would sign? Why?


    Week of May 18th

     Begin Unit 6

    Week 5 Vocabulary Assignment – Using vocabulary from this week write 10 sentences, translate them and then sign them in Flipgrid.

    Week 5 Culture Assignment - For this assignment you will pick a Ted Talk related to ASL/Deafness.

    After watching the video answer the following questions:

    1) Why did you pick this Ted Talk?

    2) What cultural aspect does it address (ASL, communities, art...)?

    3) Was any of this new to you? If so what?

    4) Include the link to your Ted Talk.


    Week of May 26th

    Quiz on Monday via Zoom

    Week 6 Parameter Assignment - Pick 10 vocabulary words that you have had a hard time remembering the sign for. Complete the Parameter Chart for each sign. Write English sentences for 5 of the words and then sign them in Flipgrid.

    Week 6 The History of ASL -Read the article on the “History of American Sign Language” and mark whether each statement given is true or false according to the article. If a statement is false, correct it in the space below the statement so that it becomes true.