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    Symphonic Band 5/4-5/8

    1. Complete the Sightreading Factory Assignment for this week. How many beats per minute was your metronome set to?


    2. Practice 30 minutes on Smart Music. You may practice the pieces I have assigned, review in method books or just explore. Time is only recorded when you push play or record. List the exercises and pieces you practiced here:   


    3.Use Google to find a pdf of any song you would like for your instrument. Then play it for 20 minutes. 

    Use these type of search words: “name of song” “instrument” “pdf” “sheet music”

    For example: “ Dancing Queen trombone sheet music pdf”

    What did you find?: 


    4. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhxNg0_FT5g

    What are 4 things you noticed? Two answers need to be about the music.





    Bonus: Can you name any of the other songs that make an “appearance”?

    5. Favorite ice cream flavor?