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    Jazz Band 5/4-5/8

    1. Complete the Sightreading Factory Assignment for this week. Swing it! How many flats or sharps did you have?


    2.Practice 30 minutes on Smart Music. You may practice assigned pieces, methos books, or just explore. See if there is a piece from junior high or a part for another instrument for play (french horn, flute…) Time is only recorded when you push play or record. List the exercises and pieces you practiced:


    3. Watch this video. Watch from 31:21to 35:20: 


         What are 4 things you noticed?





         Bonus: What is the name of the bass player?


         Double Bonus: Who wrote this piece?



    4. Play along to the video "C-Jam Blues". You may use C mixolydian, C dominant, C blues, and C major blues. Try out playing licks. Try out starting on the 3rd or 7th. Make melodies. Play bass lines. Just play. Drummers tryout fills and solos. The chord progression repeats several times.




    5. If you could try out being an animal for one day what would you choose?