• Drug and Alcohol Policy

    Federal Law requires that parents and students be notified in writing annually about the district discipline policy regarding drugs and alcohol. Ours is as follows:

    The use of illicit drugs and unlawful possession and use of alcohol is wrong and harmful.

    No student shall consume or have in his possession any alcoholic beverage on any school grounds, or immediately prior to, or while engaged in, or scheduled to be engaged in, any school activity, or while on the way to, or from, school or a school activity.

    Students under the influence, or in possession of, drugs/alcohol illegally will be subject to the following actions:

    1. They will be removed from the class or activity where they will be isolated from others.
    2. The student's parent, guardians, or other designated responsible persons will be notified.
    3. Law enforcement officials may be contacted and the facts reported to them.
    4. Consequences: a) long-term suspension or suspension for the remainder of the semester or expulsion; or b) students who agree to a drug/alcohol assessment by a Drug/Alcohol Counselor to determine if a chemical problem exists, and who agree to follow the recommendations made by the assessment counselor during the follow-up conference, may be placed on a short-term suspension.

    Students taking prescribed medication must be able to produce a doctor's authorization if requested to do so.

    Compliance with standards of conduct is mandatory.