• Excellent app to text me!!!  You will reach me quickly through this app.  Students will need to sign up on their own.  Parents/guardians can either give me their information or sign up on their own.

    I will also on occasion use Remind App for weekly information which can include: – important classroom information, important school dates and information, my help schedule, the weekly homework schedule with important video links, etc. You can receive this information by text message, email, or both.   

    To sign up on your own.  Here are the directions and codes by classes:

    Period 1/Algebra - in English:  Directions

    Period 1/Algebra - en espanol: Direcciones

    Period 2 - in English:  Directions

    Period 3 - in English:  Directions

    Period 4 - in English:  Directions

    Period 5 - in English:  Directions

    Spanish Texting (periods 2-5) - en espanol:   Direcciones  Aplicación de mensajes de texto en español