• Asbestos Information

    We are required by law each year to notify staff, students, and parents that all schools in the district have been inspected for the presence of asbestos used to construct the building.

    There is asbestos-containing material present at some location in most buildings, but there is no danger to employees or students because the asbestos is either encapsulated by an approved covering, has been removed, or is in an area not to be used until the asbestos is removed. (An example of this would be a pipe chase under a building.)

    When a sign says, "Caution: asbestos hazard, do not disturb without proper training or equipment", there is no need to be alarmed. We just don't want anyone to use a grinder on one of these surfaces. Only trained personnel are qualified to do that kind of work.

    When removal is required, Washington State Certified Asbestos Contractors will perform it in accordance with state and federal laws. The contractor will post warning signs at designated entrances and work areas as required by the EPA and WISHA.

    We will continue to encapsulate asbestos-containing material and re-inspect as necessary. Over time, much of this material will be removed. In the meantime, no one's health is endangered.