• Band at Miller Junior High

    All Aberdeen fifth graders have the opportunity to sign up for band at Miller Junior High. Sixth grade band will probably be divided into two groups depending on how many students sign up. Those two groups will be Woodwinds and Brass. You will need to decide which kind of instrument you want to try.

    What instruments can I play?

    Woodwind instruments for sixth grade are: Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone

    Brass instruments for sixth grade are: Trumpet and Trombone 

    Please note: Students wanting to play drums will need to start on one of the above instruments. They will have the opportunity to try drums throughout the year.


    Please use the following resources to help you make a decision about what instrument you might want to play.

    Ted Brown video

    Be Part of the Band!


    Please complete Sixth grade band at Miller Junior High Google form  to give me an idea of how many students are interested in each group.



    How do I get an instrument?

    Rent One

    Many families choose to rent an instrument for their student. Ted Brown Music in Tacoma does rentals online and then delivers the instrument to school!! Please visit their website at Ted Brown Aberdeen Schools and choose Miller Junior High for information. Other music stores like Music 6000 and Yenney Music (both in Olympia) also rent instruments but do not have the delivery option.

    Use one you already have

    It is fine to use an instrument that your family already has as long as it is in good, playing condition. If you are not sure if your instrument works, please contact Mrs. Koski at wkoski@asd5.org. I would be glad to take a look at it. It is super frustrating to students to try to learn on an instrument that does not play correctly?

    Borrow one from the school

    Miller Junior High does have some instruments that students can borrow from the school. If your family is unable to afford the cost of renting an instrument, please have a parent or guardian contact Mrs. Koski at wkoski@asd5.org for information about borrowing an instrument.


    What else will I need?

    A beginning band book, Accent on Achievement, Book one, for your instrument. These can be ordered with your instrument if you rent from Ted Brown or purchased online at retailers like Amazon. Clarinet and saxophone players will also need a supply of reeds for their instrument. 


    Do I have to have music experience to join band?

    No!!! I do not expect students to be able to read music or play a song when they show up to my class. We start at the very beginning, learning how to put instruments together, make our first sounds, and read our music. I will help you every step of the way!

    Will we have fun?

    Yes! But band is also hard work. You will have the most fun in band if you work at it and feel successful. You WILL make funny sounds at the beginning and that is normal! You will be amazed at how much you learn in a very short time in the fall! I love teaching young musicians and have lots of experience getting you through the tough moments…