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    What is MTSS?

    MTSS is a team approach that assists the teachers and families in planning and implementing strategies that are designed to promote academic, emotional/social and behavioral success for all the students.  MTSS is a regular education initiative.


    Who are the members of the MTSS Team?

    The team may include:

    the child's parents/guardians, MTSS teacher, classroom teacher, building principal, guidance counselor, reading specialist, math specialist, speech and language specialist, occupational therapist, school nurse, school psychologist, EL teacher, and special area teachers.  It may also include members of the school-wide positive behaviors support team.

    MTSS Core Characteristics:
    The benefits include:

    • All students receive high-quality, research-based, core instruction in the general education standards-aligned system.
    • All students are screened to determine academic status compared to grade-level benchmarks.
    • All staff assume an active role in students' assessment and instruction.
    • Progress Monitoring - Student progress is continuously monitored.
    • Benchmark and Outcome Assessment Student progress is assessed periodically throughout the school year.
    • Some students receive increasing levels of targeted intervention matched to the student's needs.
    • Parents are informed of their child's status in the MTSS framework and receive periodic reports on his or her progress.


    How does the MTSS process work?

    A multi-step process with timelines is utilized:

    • A request for student assistance is received by the MTSS teacher.
    • The MTSS teacher meets with the team to determine, based on data and classroom observation,  if the child would benefit from the MTSS process.
    • If the team believes the student would benefit from being a part of this process, the MTSS teacher contacts the student's parents/guardians to explain the process, schedule a meeting date, and describe the parents' critical role as a team member. 
    • The MTSS teacher and classroom teacher meet to discuss the students' strengths and concerns.
    • The MTSS teacher gathers data and summarizes the information. At the meeting, the MTSS team analyzes the data and information.  A measurable student goal and intervention plan to achieve the goal are then developed.
    • The interventions are implemented, evaluated, monitored, and redesigned if necessary.
    • At the end of the intervention period the team reconvenes to evaluate the success of the plan and to make decisions about how to proceed.


    Who can request assistance and how?

    Anyone who has a concern about a student may request assistance. Generally, the child's classroom teacher or parents/guardians will make the request. If you have any questions about the process, please email or call the MTSS teacher.