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      What Do I Need to Do Each Year?

      WCS--Contract/Sign-Up Form 

      This program exists to ensure that all students with good grades and good citizenshipo have access to a post-secondary education.
      Watch school bulletins and announcements. Each year, parent volunteers regularly visit our schools to encourage students to pursue this recognition and scholarship. There is no obligation to attend GHC -- but the scholarship is there if you need it. You can even use it when home from university to take a summer course. 
      Claim your scholarship: Stay on track during the year with the information above. Seniors, watch here for the forms to be posted in the spring with information on how to complete the process to graduate with honors and a scholarship to Grays Harbor College.
      Note: We know that students don't always have access to a printer. Please call the school to arrange to pick up the forms, if needed, or email dshaw@asd5.org.