• Front Teaching Station (FTS) / Teaching Station User Guide
    Front Teaching Station 

    (FTS Demo Unit at the Stewart Building)

    The Front Teaching Station / Teaching station is a command center for the classroom, featuring a dedicated connection to the classroom display device, dual monitors for multi-tasking and connections to support additional devices. The FTS/TS will allow any building staff or substitutes to use technology in any classroom. 

    Turning ON the FTS/TS
    Press the power button on the small pc unit, mounted under the desk on the left side.

    Accessing the FTS/TS
    Log in to the FTS/TS using your normal District AD/Network username and password. (The same as a district laptop, not email, not chromebook)

    Using Dual Monitors
    Once the FTS/TS is setup, using two monitors is really easy. Simply drag and arrange your windows however you desire on the two screens. Additionally, you can use other advanced features to control your desktop. 

    Windows + Tab | Opens the menu for multiple desktops
    Ctrl + Alt + (left arrow),(right arrow) | Switches between desktops
    Windows + D | Minimize all open windows
    Windows + (arrow key) | Snaps active window to the next snap location in that direction, i.e. right arrow would move the window to the next right snap, up and down will minimize or maximize in some cases

    Adjusting the Audio Output
    Unique to the FTS/TS is the ability to use a number of connected audio outputs. In most cases, the FTS/TS will have at least (3) different audio output options. Two will go to the dual monitors, each identified by their connection type. The third will be connected to the classroom display, typically an HDMI output, or in some cases connected by the audio out port on the PC (analog setups).

    To adjust the volume or change the audio output, click on the volume control (bottom right) use the slider to adjust the volume, or select the drop down above the slider to change the audio output to the desired device. 

    Accessing the FTS/TS Wirelessly from Anywhere in the Room
    Want the freedom to roam the room while teaching? This is now possible! Once Chrome Remote Desktop is setup on the FTS/TS (requires tech ticket) and linked to your ASD5 Google account, you can access it by going to (https://remotedesktop.google.com/access). Please note, only the primary teacher of the classroom can be set up on the teaching station.

    Remote Operation Tips and Tricks
    If using your laptop, utilize the side menu to enter "full screen" and or show only display 1, or display 2 to emulate using the FTS/TS directly.
    Use the side menu to exit "full screen".
    If using a smaller device, such as a tablet or phone, use "Trackpad Mode" to emulate having a wire keyboard and mouse control.
    The keyboard can be accessed by using the app menu. Use the app menu again to hide the keyboard.
    In Trackpad mode, long press and move to select text, or move slide control.
    In Trackpad mode, use two fingers up or down to scroll content.  

Last Modified on February 1, 2022