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    Interpreter Training Part 1 - Training Part 1
    Interpreter Training Part 2 - Training Part 2

    List of Acronyms and Terms Used by the Aberdeen School District
    AEA – Aberdeen Education Association
    ALO - Advanced Learning Opportunities
    ALP - Advanced Learning Placement
    APP - Advanced Placement Program
    ASB - Associated School Body
    BIL - Bilingual
    BLT - Building Leadership Team
    Cert - Certified instructor
    SIP - School Improvement Plan
    DRA - Developmental Reading Assessment
    DWA - Direct Writing Assessment
    EAP - Employee Assistance Program
    ECE - Early Childhood Education
    ELL - English Language Learner
    ESD - Educational Service District
    ESL - English as a Second Language
    FTE - Full Time Equivalent
    GPS – Guided Pathway to Success
    HR - Department of Human Resources
    IA - Instructional Assistant
    IEP - Individual Educational Plan
    Section 504 – A customized, legal educational plan for students with physical or mental
    LAP - Washington State Learning Assistance Program
    MTSS - Multi-Tiered Support System
    OSPI - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (WA State)
    Parapro - Non-certified, teaching related employee
    PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention and Support
    PD - Professional Development
    PGO - Professional Growth Option
    PPS - Professional Practice Standards
    PSE – Public School Employees
    PTO - Parent Teacher Organization
    RIF - Reduction In Force
    RTI - Response to Intervention
    SBA – Standards Based Assessment
    SBLS - Standards Based Learning System
    TRS - Teacher Retirement System
    TRI - Time Responsibility Incentive
    WA AIM – The Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement
    WEA - Washington Educational Association
    WIDA – World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment, English learner assessment
    WSLS – Washington State Learning Standards