Our school now has a JUNIOR HIGH!! Our junior high model is a split class, grades 7 & 8. Students remain with the same teacher throughout the day except for PE. The focus is on the core subjects; math, science, English, and history. Aside from PE, the students also have a leadership class. We currently have 13 students enrolled.

    Our high school continues with contract-based learning. Students in grades 9-12 earn a half credit after completing 100 points in a class. The year is not based on a time frame like traditional high school. When students complete their 100 point contract, they move to their next class. It is a great opportunity for students to make up credits or even graduate early. 


    Contracted with Edgenuity, we enroll students in online school so that they can continue their education at home. Students are able to set their own schedule during the day, however, the classes have due dates and are not at your own pace. GHA has set semesters like a traditional high school. If you would like to learn more about Edgenuity, please look at their website: www.edgenuity.com.


    Students who decide to earn their GED can enroll with us through our Open Doors program. We have teachers to help support students as they study for their exams and a computer lab available. Students can do all their pretesting and final testing here at Harbor Learning Center.